Plaisir & Diète – CHEESECAKE (Healthy) – LOW CALORIES

hello and welcome to enjoying and dieting in the same platewe meet today to cook a low calorie cheesecakeis easy enough to do … I will not to say that it’s very simple because as youcan see it here there are a lot of ingredients but it’s pretty simple to dothe ingredients are enough basic […]

Plaisir & Diète | CAKE OREO HEALTHY (220kcal par portion) #recipe #recette #cake #oreo #healthy

hello foodlovers and welcome to enjoying and dieting in the same plateas promised today I share you the healthy cake oreo recipe that I youhave shown on instagram and that I have ate recently and that was verygood so I meet you today because it’s a healthy recipe and as I knowthat you like healthy […]

Plaisir & Diète – TIRAMISU HEALTHY (protéiné)

hello and welcome to enjoying and dieting on the same plate !! as you could seein the title of the video we end up today to cook a tiramisuprotein and healthy and for that you are going need protein powder, eggs …frankly it’s very easy to do you’ll see it takes 15 to20 minutes plus […]

Reese’s protéiné & healthy (PB Cup) – Recette facile & rapide pour Pâques

Hello everybodyfew weeks ago, I taught how to do peanut butteralthough you’ll find the link in the description boxIn that video, I asked you if you would be interrested by a healthy version of Reese’sAs you have been many to respond positively, that’s what we’re going to do todayand i will show you 2 versions […]