(Eng Sub) Cooking c05 – Fried boiled Eggs Curry with Rice / Mukbang Drinking Yummy / Duke in Korea

Hello, I’m Duke in Korea.Today’s food is Fried Boiled Eggs Curry.Curry is one of the most distinctive foods in each country since it was introduced in India.Especially, Japanese style curry is delicious.In Korea, curry recipes are very diverse these days.Duke’s curry, a combination of numerous recipes, is really delicious.I recommend you to watch it until […]

삶은 쭈꾸미 먹방~!! 리얼사운드 social eating Mukbang(Eating Show)

Today I prepared parboiled webfoot octopus that my father had bought me. It’s very simple to prepare the parboiled webfoot octopus. Boil the water, make broth by putting a kelp pack, and parboil the webfoot octopus. It’s the end! It’s more delicious when parboiled in the broth than in the water! And webfoot octopus doesn’t […]

Very spicy chicken gravy and boiled egg curry || Indian food Mukbang Show || ASMR Eating

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Deep FRIED WAGYU STEAK Experiment!

what are you setting up for I thought we were just here cleaning knivesno, no, don’t worry okAlright guys, so look me and Evan are just here cleaning the kniveslike we always end upI’m hungry you hungry, You hungry? I can eat!let’s eat I’m gonna go find somethingin the fridge you be the camera man, […]

Vegan Eats Fast Food for First Time in 10 YEARS

A: Hi! D: *Laughs* HiA: Hey guys! *cough* Welcome back to another video *laughs*A: I am excited to be filming this video.Am I excited to be filming this video?D: You gotta be a little bitA: September 1stwill be our 3 year anniversary of being veganwhich is crazy. D: That’s a long timeA: And A&W #nonsponA&W […]


good morning everybody welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome to taste mukbangtaste nothing tastes like vain tasty mukbang eats yo good morningI’m here today with some corn on a cob some boiled eggs in the below secondlyshe sauce but I have my celery inform i7j of celery challenge so y’all welcomeand thank you for joining me […]

How to Cook Tuna Sisig with Mayonnaise

welcome to PanlasangPinoy! I’m Vanjo Merano. How are you?If you love Sisig, this episode is perfect for youtoday, we will cook Tuna Sisig from a canned tunaand these are the ingredientscanned tunared onion, minced. Chopped into tiny bitsyou may use yellow or white onionhere’s an optional ingredient. “Dahon ng sibuyas” or scallions or green onionsame […]

(ENG SUB)ASMR eating Korean Homemade Food mukbang SPICY KIMCHI & EGG & Short Rib Soup

welcome!! Nice to meet you!! ★CrunchyToday, the viewer gave me a small gift for the health of the ‘RealMouth’!Because you worried about his healthI prepared sparkling water!(joy)Have a great time today!(!!!)(delicious!!!)(?!….)Really big!Two in a bag!(The texture is soft!)I was surprised that the meat wasn’t chewy at all!Crispy KimchiI wanted to introduce wonderful Korean food to […]

12 Boiled Egg Challenge In Bloves Smackalicious Sauce By Tasty Mukbang Eats | YouTube Tips

hi everybody doing welcome welcome welcome to tasty most banging tasty onetasty eats don’t hurt thing yeah I am here I’m starvinghaven’t had anything to eat today and I am here with another challenge and thischallenge is a two-fold challenge I have 12 bald aids that I haven’tkilled yet because I was so hungry like […]

Trying Japan Wendy’s First Kitchen Japan Only Menu | Japanese Fast Food

In this video I want to show you guys at the japan-only Wendy’s menuAll right full disclosureI am a McDonald’s fanBut I had to do this video for you guys because any of you guys are coming to Japan you might want to check outA Wendy’s what you’ll find when coming in Japan is that […]