Japanese Fast Food Eraser Set

Japanese Fast Food Erasers may look like a miniature fast foodmeal, but don’t eat them.They’re actually wonderful little pencil erasers.The set includes a hamburger, a hot dog, a sandwich,a can of soda, a milk shake, and French fries,all in a plastic tray.Perfect for kids in school, Fast Food Erasersare fun and safe to use.Each one […]

Chocolate Almond Candy Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making chocolate almond candy.This recipe is my granddaughters’ request.I was spending some time with my two granddaughtersand they decided they wanted to make chocolate (homemade candy).So we did it.Both granddaughters had so much fun experimentingwith different versions of this candyand making a big mess.We knew we wanted something rich and chocolatyand […]


Hey folks it is Barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen today we are making some cheesy mashedpotato balls with bacon and chilli and chives my friends. Absolutely shiver me timbers stonkinglygood you are going to love them hit pause on the video now if you want to have a goat making them. They are […]