PetSolutions: Lafeber’s Bird Vitamins

Lafeber’s Bird Vitamins are highlyconcentrated powder containing essentialvitamins, calcium, and iodine to keepbirds healthy. It’s a great choice forsupplementing birds on an seed dietand to help stressed or sick birdsrecover more quickly. You want to mix twosmall scoops of powder in each ounce ofdrinking water, or one and a half of thelarge scoops to one […]

Magnesium Stearate : Do Not Take Another Vitamin Before You Watch This! VitaLife Show Episode 154

Welcome to the VitaLife show. I’m doctor Janine Bowringand in today’s episode I hope that you’ve been enjoying other episodes ofVitaLife show here on YouTubebut in today’s episode we’re talking about something very importantwhy you should never ever take a supplementor a vitamin that contains this ingredientthis is a toxic ingredient I’m gonna let you […]

Vitamins: do you need supplements?

Millions of people in North Americaare regular vitamin users. The question is,what do you actually need? Daphna Steinberg is a registered dietitian atSunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and says the data is complicated.This isn’t something you really want to do on your ownunless you have a lot of knowledge.If you’re deficiant in something, your doctor is […]

Keratosis Pilaris & Vitamin A Deficiency – Is It Making Your KP Worse?

Vitamin A is probably the most well known nutrient involved in promoting healthier skin.I’m sure you’ve heard of many anti-aging creams that contain either vitamin A or retinol.Both natural and synthetic occurrences of vitamin A are known as retinoids.Retinoids are important for reproduction, vision, growth, inflammation, and many otherfunctions in the body.Retinol is found mostly […]

Butter vs Margarine

Whether you use it to fry your eggs, melt and bake potatoes, use on popcorn or simply spread on toast. Chances are butter has been part of your life and diet. Or is it margarine? What is the difference between butter and margarine and is one healthier than the other? Butter, made from cream or […]