Sesame Street: I Can Remember (Bread, Milk, Butter)

WOMAN: Now, don’t forget–a loaf of bread, a container of milk,and a stick of butter.If you can’t remember, I’ll write it down for you.GIRL: It’s OK, mommy.I won’t forget.I remember. A loaf of bread, a container of milk,and a stick of butter.A loaf of bread, a container of milk,and a stick of butter.Loaf of bread, […]

Detection of Adulteration in Milk – Amrita University

Detection of Adulteration in Milk Adulteration in milk considerably reducesthe quality of milk. Soap, acid, starch, table sugar and chemicals like formalin are someof the adulterants added to milk. Most of the chemicals used as adulterants are poisonousand can cause health hazards. Here are some tests to find out some of thecommon adulterants in milk. […]

Litmus Milk Test – Amrita University

LITMUS MILK TESTThe litmus milk test is used to differentiate among microorganisms that enzymatically transformdifferent milk substrates into varied metabolic end products. Litmus milk broth consists ofmilk, sugar, lactose, pH indicator litmus, and milk protein casein. Depending on thetypes of enzymes produced by different organisms, a variety of different chemical changes happenin the medium. The […]

Homemade almond milk | Studio Vegan

Hi guys welcome back to my channel I’ll be showing you guys how I make my homemade almond milkWhat you will needSoaked almondsDatesWaterVanilla ExtractFull Recipe on blogAdd water to blenderAdd in AlmondsAdd in DatesAdd in the vanilla extract (optional )Blend on high speedBlend for 2 – 3 minutesOnce its done blending should look somehing like […]

Coconut Milk – The Best Option To Cold Pressed Coconut Oil – How To Make Fresh Coconut Milk At Home

hey guys I’m nisa homey and welcomeback to my channel. Today i’m sharing areally easy and quick way to makecoconut milk at home which some of youmay know but this video is for thenovice cook to letter understand thatmaking coconut milk at home is very easyand can avoid buying ready-made coconutmilk as it may be […]

Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?

Over the last decade, milk has become a bit controversial.Some people say it’s a necessary and nutritious food, vital for healthy bones,but others say it can cause cancer and lead to an early death.So, who’s right?And why are we drinking it anyway?[Intro music]Milk is the basis of every mammal’s diet after birth,when our digestive systems […]

Breastfeeding: Foods That May Help Manage Your Milk Supply

– So there are some foods that can increase milk supplyor are believed to increase milk supply.Oatmeal is one of them,different cultures have different foodsthat they use to increase milk supply.Decreasing milk supply,sometimes they’ll say sage,tea or a lot of peppermint can decrease your milk supply.Those are basically the only ones we really recommend.

How to Make Loco Moco

Aloha!Today we will be cooking a local favorite dish, loco moco this is supereasy to make and it will still tastes awesome!Awright!First, let’s get the rice started. Rinse three cups of rice, and fill the rice potjust a little over the three cups line. Throw it in the rice pot. Turn it on and cook […]

A Dietitian’s Guide to Alternative Milks | You Versus Food | Well+Good

(upbeat music)– Hi, I’m Tracy Lockwood Beckerman.I’m a registered dietitian in New York City,and it’s my job to help you figure outwhat to eat and why.Today we’re talking about an amoooozing topicin the world of grocery goods, milks.Seems like a new dairy alternativepops up at the coffee shop every day.So how do you know what […]

Dude Eats 12 Quest Bars BOILED in Milk and Coffee *EXPIRED* | FreakEating Challenge 82

you know quest nutrition makes really awesome protein bars. only problem isthey tend to be really chewy… do you even eat bro? so today in the interest offreaking science I’m gonna take an entire box a whole 12 pack of cookiesand cream bar protein bars and I’m going to boil in milk and coffee and […]