10 Keys to Relieve Pain and Inflammation

Dr. Axe: Hey guys, we’re going to talk about the 10 keys to overcome chronic pain.And we’re talking about conditions like neck pain, low back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia,tears of joints, maybe you had an injury in the past and you’re still suffering from thatcondition, maybe even herniated disc.We’re going to cover the top ways in […]

Sugar is Not a Treat | Jody Stanislaw | TEDxSunValley

Translator: Tanya Cushman Reviewer: Peter van de VenTake a few moments to think about your most vital organs in your body,those organs that you cannot live without.Okay, got them?Excellent.You probably thought about your heart.I bet “brain” popped into your mind.Lungs.But did any of you think, “My pancreas, I can’t live without my pancreas”?I’m assuming most […]

Milk Thistle Benefits for Detoxification, Cancer Prevention and Diabetes

Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, founder of draxe.com and doctor of natural medicine.In this video I’ll be training you on the top benefits of milk thistle and how to useit and the best forms to use it in, all as part of this training video.And really milk thistle is an incredible herb/weed that’s been shown […]

A Boy Ate 25 Laxative Brownies In 1 Hour. This Is What Happened To His Kidneys.

A boy ate 25 laxative brownies in one hour.This is what happened to his kidneys.[siren wailing]BG is a 14-year-old boy presenting to the emergency room with an abnormal heart rate.His older brother Nate tells the admitting nurse that BG had defecated eight timesin the last ten hours before stumbling around, confused.You see, BG and his […]

Heart Smart® Tip of the Day: Cheese

Hi, I’m Darlene Zimmerman, registered dietician with Henry Ford Heart & Vascular Institute,and if you’re a cheese lover, like me, it’s kind of a tough obstacle to get over whenyou’re using cheese in recipes, just because cheese is so high in fat. It’s high in thatartery-clogging saturated fat. But one product that I love is […]

Ghee vs. Butter: Is One Better?

I’ve been hearing a lot about a substitute for butter called ghee what is it and is it worth all of the hype so gia is not something I was familiar with this is not something I grew up eating so we’re you know you were just telling me that this is something that in […]

Fiona Godlee: Panel discussion on “Low carb high fat diets: Public controversies and opportunities”

We’ve been given a very non-controversial topic of low carb, high fat diets.Because you’ve heard from four of our panel, I’m going to give Sarah, who you haven’t yetmet, a first chance to introduce herself and to give us five minutes, Sarah, on your pitch,and then I’m going to ask each of the remaining panel […]

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon on Muscle-Centric Medicine, Keto-veganism, Eliminating Estrogens and more

welcome to the muscle expert podcast with ben pakulski one of the world’s topprofessional bodybuilders and expert on human performance and mindset masteryBen dives deep to deliver the strategies of the top experts to upgrade your bodymind muscle strength performance biochemistry and how to become theupgraded modern manjoin us on benpakulski.com to learn the cutting-edge […]

Thiamin, Carbs, Ketogenic Diets, and Microbes | MWM 2.14

If you want to make your thiamin feelneeded, the last thing you want to do isgo on a ketogenic diet. But thankfullyfor you keto dieters out there, thiamindoesn’t have any feelings.A ketogenic diet has neurological benefits.Why do we have to eat such an enormousamount of food?Complex ScienceClear ExplanationsClass is starting nowHi. I’m Dr. Chris Masterjohn […]

Is Insulin Really a Response to Carbohydrate or Just a Gauge of Energy Status? | MWM 2.23

Insulin. Is the control of insulinsecretion finally something we’vearrived at that is all aboutcarbohydrate or is even insulinsecretion mostly just aboutcellular energy status?Find out in today’s lesson.A ketogenic diet has neurological benefits.Why do we have to eat suchan enormous amount of food?Complex science.Clear explanations.Class is starting now.Hi. I’m Dr. Chris Masterjohn ofchrismasterjohnphd.com. And you’rewatching Masterclass […]