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Working Tips | How to be an Excellent Fast Food Job Employee

Hey everyone! My name is Christian Aguilar. Welcome back to my channel. If you don’t know who I am,click that subscribe button if you’re interested in my journey through beauty,fashion, nutrition, and career-related videos.I’m very random. I can’t stick to one category, which explains why I haveseveral playlists on different types of videos such as […]

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Baby

-[announcer] The following is a production of New Mexico State University.-[mom 1] I feel great inside of me because I–there’s something in there growing, you know,inside of my stomach and we’re all excited.-[mom 2] I’m walking and I always walk, you know–talk to him.It’s just the most exhilarating feeling that I’ve ever had in my […]

We Know What a Healthy Diet Is. Now Can We Stop Arguing About It?

I routinely point out that we could eliminate 80 percent of all chronic disease by usingwhat we know. And we don’t do that. We really bog down in bickering about do we know whatwe know and is this part of what we know more important than that part of what we know.And in no place […]

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears – VetVid Episode 003

Hello I’m Doctor Mike. This is Mandy, and this is Cookie. And today, we want to teach you how to clean your pet’s ears properly. And to do this, we need to get in the habit of looking into our pets’ ears. We need to determine what is normal so that if we see changes, […]