Why your digestive system needs rest (justification for daily fasting) | Ruth Patterson

[Rhonda]: You know, we’ve been talking a lot about inflammation and these fasting bloodglucose levels, fasting insulin.And it just hit, I remember having a conversation with Dr. Panda, and he mentioned somethingto me that I wasn’t aware of about repair mechanisms and fasting.I knew that repair mechanisms were regulated by the circadian rhythm, and I […]

Not Losing Fat? 20 Cutting Diet Mistakes To Avoid

What’s up, guys?Sean Nalewanyj here at www.SeanNal.com-www.BodyTransformationTruth.com.And in today’s video I’m going to be outlining twenty different mistakes that you might potentiallybe making with your fat loss diet that are either slowing down your results or that arepreventing you from getting any real results at all.Now, I usually like to be really thorough when I […]