Intermittent Fasting Program! | How to Feel Full

Believe it or not, leptin wasn’t discovered until 1994 and it pays a MAJOR role in ourhealth and ability to stay lean.Leptin is a hormone made by your fat cells that is responsible for reducing hunger.It is also known as your “satiety hormone,” or “the master hormone of body fat regulation.”When you eat a meal, […]

Does Fasting Slow Your Metabolism?

Hi ladies and gentlemen. I’m Dr. Zyrowski from and in thisvideo we’re going to discuss whether or not fasting disrupts your metabolism. Yousee many people believe that if you do fasting or any type of fasting what’sgoing to happen is it’s going to decrease your metabolism, decrease yourmetabolic rate, and then from there what’s […]

The Secrect To How I Lost 100 Pounds In Six Months | Intermittent Fasting Low Carb Diet | Keto Diet

hello there I’m chef Johnny this is Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine and Iappreciate you stopping by today I’m excited to share something with you I’mgoing to tell you the secret of how I lost 100 pounds in six monthsyou heard it right how I lost a hundred pounds in six months one of the […]

Keto Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

– Today on Low Carb with Jennifer,I’m going to show you how to makethis delicious and easy keto cheeseburger soup.So hey guys, I’m Jennifer Banz,and I help home cooks make keto mealsthe whole family will love.Today we’re making this cheeseburger soup,and it is super simple and so delicious.It’s literally like eating a cheeseburger, I’m not […]

What should people with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency be doing?

What should people with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency be doing not justabout glutathione, but about folate, vitamin K, fatty acids, and neurotransmitters?Philippa says, “At the last AMA, you mentioned that G6PD deficiency would have trouble recyclingother things such as folate and vitamin K. Could you expand on these problems and howto manage them?Also, do you recommend […]

EASY PALEO DINNER RECIPES: healthy low carb dinner ideas

if you’re stuck on what to make for dinner then watch this video because Iam sharing three easy Paleo dinner recipes that are great healthy low-carbdinner ideas and if you’re new to my channel keep up with lab make sure tosubscribe because we make tons of healthy delicious recipes that are goodfor you and taste […]

Creamy & Delicious Jalapeño Cilantro Soup (Low Carb/ Keto)

– Hey y’all, welcome back to my kitchen.You know nothing says comfort like an inviting bowl of soup.Jalapeno and cilantro soup.So in this soup we’re gonna have avocado,Roma tomatoes, fresh garlic, cilantro, carrots, jalapenosand red onion.I’m super excited about this soup, so why don’t get started.(salsa music)(“Howling at the Moon” by D Fine Us)♪ I’m […]

Is Plant-based Fast Food Healthy? Registered Dietician Answers! (CWIP #1)

Recently just recently in the news right? So the theThe Whopper now they have the impossible burger versionThere was the thing about kid the KFC chickenSandwich. That was the you know, the the plant-based chicken sandwich. What’s your take on?Like you said this this more more and more it’s being popularized in the culture celebrities […]