How to Make Fast Food Style French Fries

what we’re going to do today is make french fries just like fast foodwith far fewer calories. So what you want to start with is a russet potatothese tend to be a little more dry then your red orwaxy yellow potatoes. These work best for the french fries were going to makeyou always wanna wash […]

Tomato, Aubergine & Ricotta Pasta | Jamie Oliver | Everyday Super Food

Pasta is an ultimate comfort foodand I’ve given it the superfood treatmentteaming it up with a sauce celebratingsilky aubergines, sweet and tangy tomatospiked with garlic, basil and chili.It’s a comfort food dish with no guilt at allreally healthyand it’s all about loving these.So, I’m just gonna take the end off the auberginelike that.Just get rid […]

Healthy organic chocolate brownies video

Healthy organic chocolate brownie recipeTotal time: 40 minutes Serving size: 16 brownies62.5ml Almond flour62.5ml Organic fair trade cocoa¼ tsp saltMix the following dry ingredients: almond flour, cacao, and sea salt; set aside.187.5ml Greek yoghurt125ml apple cinnamon sugar1 tsp vanilla extract125ml organic fair trade chocolate and 2TBS coconut oil, meltedIn a large bowl, melt coconut oil […]


The lighting is not the best because it’s getting late but I thought I would try the cookie! ActuallyI’ve already tried it before, here’s what it looks like it has a gooey center it’s notas gooey as last time still gonna taste delicious so soft it’s like a brownie cookie, like a brookiejust eat like, […]


are you wondering what to snack on without gaining weight snacking one ofyour biggest kryptonite’s well it certainly is one of mine which is whyI’m gonna share with you three of my favorite snacks and I’m talking reallyreally good snacks you can have guilt free so get excited it’s time to getlaidwelcome back Smarties to […]

LAKANTO Sugar-Free Maple Syrup πŸ₯ž

Lakanto presentsSugar-freeMaple Flavored syrupSugar-freeKetogenic1 net carbTastyLooks and tastes like real maple syrupMmmmmyummySugar-freeMonk fruit sweetened1 net carbLow calorieLow glycemicVeganMaple flavored syrup

Healthy & Easy Garlic Rosemary Bagels [CC]

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today I am so excited because if youknow me then you know that I love bagels. They are seriously one of my favoritefoods on the planet but bagels are not that healthy for you so when my friendAmy Thompson, shoutout to you Amy, posted this recipe […]

Low Calorie Recipes for the Intermittent Fasting Diet

Low-calorie recipes for the intermittent fasting dietWhat is the five to two or intermittent fasting diet?The intermittent fasting or five to two diet was devised by drMichael Mosley following his research about the effects of fasting on the human bodyHe discovered that the human body benefits from periods of intermittent fasting and that some of […]