Top 10 Weight Loss Tips Part 2, Nutrition Information, Psychetruth

Have you tried a thousand different diets? Every time a new diet comesaround, you give it a try? Have you lost a lot of weight on a diet, but thengained it back almost immediately once you go off the diet? Have you ever wondered,“Is there a way to lose weight without being hungry all the […]

SCHOOL & ED? How do we deal with both? | Kati Morton

todays topic comesfrom a lot of feedback that I’ve gotten from- I said gotten again.I think that-that’s just how it got (inaudible)(Intro Music)todays topic comes froma lot of you. It’s a lot of questions that I’ve received on either Twitterespecially on my website, there’s a discussion sectionand I opened it up for feedback about […]

How to Get Help When You Don’t Have Money

Do Dietitians Make You Gain Weight??? | Kati Morton

Overweight & Eating Disorders

Hi everyone, this weeks video I want to address a topic that has gotten a lot of heatand a lot of people have brought it up and are concerned about itand I know that many of you still worry about it and you think and you ponder and you ARGHWe get stressed out!How can we […]


Hello guys,It’s Paul with you today.I haven’t talked to you guys in a while,I’ve been very busy.I have school, work, and stuff like that so today my video is on nutrition.I know you guys are waiting for a video on planche,can’t really film,thunder storm outside which is why my job got canceled.I work for newspapers.So […]

Do Vitamin Supplements Really Work?

Do you want to lose weight quickly?Are you sleepy?Is your hair kind of gross?Try a supplement!There are hundreds of them.Surely one of them can help you.Right? Well, maybe not.[SPLASH INTRO]Supplements are a multi-billion dollar business.Unlike prescription drugs, the US government doesn’t regulatemanufacturer claims about what supplements “could”do for you or how well they do it.It […]

Testo24 – Uber Nutrition

Do you have the balls? What makes man a man, is his testosterone.Without testosterone, you couldn´t change fat to muscles, sugar to energy and virginsto women. Testo 24 is the strongest testosterone-stimulantlegally avalaible on the market. It’s technologically unique solution. Thebrainiacs have found the perfect equilibrium of components.Testo 24 stimulates your hormones. You burn sugars […]

Jim Stoppani’s Six-Week Shortcut To Shred Workout – Nutrition Overview –

♪♪♪When it comes to nutrition, I rely heavily on the researchthat’s been published in journals and doneby scientists all over the world.But just because something’s been discovered in the labdoes not mean that it’s necessarily gonna carry overinto the real world.So I test it on myself and thousands of peoplewho follow my advice.So with all […]