Самые лучшие гейнеры топ 10. Топ самых лучших гейнеров

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Самые лучшие гейнеры топ 10. Топ самых лучших гейнеров

5 Workout & Nutrition Mistakes Sabotaging Your GAINS! (SLOW OR ZERO GROWTH!)

By far the most frequent comment I get is how do I stay motivated to workout? And I gotta be honest guysthe answer is usually always the sameresults are my only motivator and it should be yours, too.Well wearing all my Saiyan gear kind of helps as wellnot gonna lie makes me think that if […]

Алкоголь и рост мышц. Влияние алкоголя на спортивные показатели и набор мышечной массы

Exercise! Eating Disorder Video #34 | Kati Morton

Vitamin D Supplements, Cancer Risk, Low Vitamin D-Dr Greger

Vitamin D despite the name is actually a a pro-hormone and has many important multipleroles in the body from Maintaining the health of our bones and teeth to Supporting the healthof our immune system, brain, and nervous system. Regulating insulin levels, Supporting lungfunction and cardiovascular health and influencing the expression of genes involved in cancerdevelopment. […]

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | As a Vegan Registered Dietitian

Hi everyone, so today I’m going to be sharing with you what I eat in a dayso this was the most highly requested video that IGot when I put it on InstagramAsking what kind of videos you guys wanted to see more than half of the people that responded said they wanted a what I […]

Nutrition & Diets : Best Time to Take Vitamin B Complex

My name is Christine Marquette and I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian with TheAustin Regional Clinic and I am going to talk to you about the best time to take a VitaminB Complex. In general the best time to take it is in the morning after you have had ameal, after you have had […]