Caveman Blogger Fights for Free Speech and Internet Freedom

This is the story of a caveman,defending the first amendment, and Internet freedom.Steve Cooksey was an obese, junkfood scarfing, couch potato. He nearly died. Was rushedto intensive care,and diagnosed with type two diabetes. Steve decided to go forward byleaping back in time.He adopted the diet of our paleolific ancestors.Fats, meats, nuts, and veggies, but no […]

McDougall, MD- Healthy Diet

God’s Diet: How to be Super Healthy

Now let’s use this episode to define another term – food.I want to deal with this issue now becausefood is such wedge issue between the Church and the Jewish people, and even causessevere dissention within the Church itself.Let me be unequivocalThe lord intended for food to be used as a means todivide and polarizeGenesis 1:29-30 […]

Why a High Fruit Diet May Not Be the Best For Health & Longevity

All right this is John Kohler from Today I have another exiting episode for you.Im coming at you from the pure living expo here in Sedona, Arizona and I’ve a veryspecial guest on my show today. One that I never had before. He is a really hard guyto track down and he was in […]

Healthy Diet Plan Tips

Healthy Diet Plan Tips

10 Reasons You Should Eat Low Fat Raw Vegan Instead of High Fat Raw Food Diet

Alright, this is John Kohler with Today I have another exciting episode foryou and this episode was filmed at the Woodstock food festival 2013 where I got to interview9 of the other pioneers and my self, that’s a total of 10, the 10 reasons why you showgo from a high fat raw vegan diet […]

Soupersize Your Juice – How to Make a Delicious Soup Recipe from Juice

Alright, this is John, today for another episode for you guys andI’m here at 2015 Natural Products Expo West. I’m here at the Tribest booth, and why I’mhere today is to show you guys the benefits of juicing and also blending. Juicing andblending are the best two ways in this entire hall to get […]

Could a mandatory keto diet improve US military performance?

 The US military is studying whether a ketogenic diet can help lower obesity rates — and boost soldiers’ physical and mental performance in the field   Researchers at Ohio State University recently published the first-ever keto study that specifically used military members as subjects, and the results, published in the journal Military Medicine, showed a “remarkable […]