Keto Day 1 | What Happened?

hey guys so I just wanted to give you an end of day one and kind of morning ofday two Kito summary so I started keto yesterdayand I didn’t do the bulletproof coffee or any of that I just kind of had likeyou know eggs and just regular proteins like chicken and salmon and all […]

Opening An Online Boutique | Keto Diet | Chit Chat GRWM Simple Fall Makeup

hi beauties welcome back to my channel or if you’re new to my channel welcomeI’m Jenny beyouty and today I just wanted to do kind of the chatty little getready with me basically I’m just going to be using some products that I got inmy Sephora box and also some products that I’ve purchased lately […]

Keto Day 2 | Avoid The Keto Flu

hey guys welcome back to my day to Quito update so yesterday was better than thefirst day for sure I still had an immense amount of energy but I didn’tnotice that was in kind of a like sort of pissing this towards the end of theday and I don’t think it was hunger I just […]

Decorating Cookies With Royal Icing For Galentine’s Day | Hey Y’all | Southern Living

Hey, y’all, welcome back.It is season two.We are starting things off with a bang.I brought in my friend, Jorie.Hey, everyone.Jorie, on a scale of one to 10, how confident are youwith decorating cookies with royal icing?I’d say I’m a solid zero, Ivy.Perfect, I promise by the end of thiswe’re gonna have you at at least […]

What I Eat In A Day | Healthy Full Day Of Eating

good morning everyone and welcome it to another what I eat in a day I’m gonna betaking you along with me sharing you all the deliciousness because I love foodbut it’s also going to be healthy and healthy food can be delicious so youguys are probably gonna notice I’m a bit more Tam than normal […]

ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT ME ‣‣ Kids, Marriage, Eating Disorders, Money & More 😎😳

– I love my dog.Let’s see.It’s just not my thing.Mmm, not so much.That is true.That’s just where I’m coming fromand that’s my perspective.I wouldn’t have it any other way.If you think that about me,then you probably shouldn’t be following me.So yeah (laughs) I hope that answers that assumption.(calm music)Hi friends, welcome to my channel.If you’re […]

Lazy Keto I Weight Loss Vlog 2019

good morning YouTube family so we are about to start meditating it was likethundering lightning and all this stuff early this morning I was like okaywhat’s going on like it hadn’t been like that in a long timebut I mean I guess um God just cleaned everything out like he wanted to and nowit’s like […]

How to make coconut and cashew cookies

hello, how you doing?Hot on the heels of my chocolate puddingand marriage proposalI’ve been asked if I can make some healthy cookiesand I’ve done these.It took a bit of trial and error because I wanted tomake them without any flour or any refined sugar.We won’t want to be talking about thepeanut butter version I made […]

Trader Joe’s Favorites| What’s Good At Trader Joes?

Hi guys, it’s Kelsey and Kendra and today we’re doing something a little different here on the main channelWe usually do something like this on the vlog ChannelBut we decided to do it on our main channelBecause get a lot of questions about what we like to get we would go grocery shoppingespecially at Trader […]

3 VEGAN Protein Powder Recipes | Thrive Market

Da – da -da da – shaping balls for vegan protein powder!It’s so crazy how good my voice ispeople come up to me all the time like you should be a singer,and I’m like I know, I know.*laughter* You don’t have to laugh so hard about that.Hello I’m Megan and I am here in the […]