King Vader Cooks His Last Meal: Lobster & Shrimp

(grunting)– It’s a lot in the shoulders.– Well we should remember that these areanimals that we just killed.(upbeat music)– [Narrator] King Vader,what would you like for your last meal?– Lobster and shrimp.– Okay, that sounds pretty good.I’ll make you lobster and shrimp.Get the hell on up here and we’ll get you taken care of.You like […]

Best Brown Sugar Milk Tea in Singapore | Taste Testers | EP 79

X(singing): Sugar A: Why are my bangs above the…Tiger Sugar~PD: Hi guys!Hi!I love bubble tea as much as I love Pika and Jaymee,the cats in our office.Huh? The same?!Yes!I love Jaymee more.Huh really?Yes.Get her out!Whoo!I knew it! I knew it!Bubble tea?! This episode is on Bubble tea?!A: When they buy you bubble tea,X: It’s on […]

McDonalds’s, Happy Meal, 3 Marker Challenge, with Chuck E Cheese

– [Girl] Whizzaroo!– Hey, guys, what are you doing?– Today we’re doing,– The McDonald’s,– [Players] Three Marker Challenge!Rock, paper, scissors shoot!– Oh no, she got me!– Here goes!One,Two,Three!(gasps) I have gray, yellow, and green!– Alright, here goes!One,two,three!A pink, red, and black.– [Players] Three, two, one, flip ’em over!(gasps)– Wow!– McDonald’s?– A burger, fries, and a […]

Can YOU Guess Your Country’s Candy? | Guess That International Candy

– Oh, that’s disgusting.– That’s something I’ve never experienced before.– I’m just going through like 200 countries,like no, no, maybe, no.♪ (upbeat electronic intro) ♪– (FBE) How big of a sweet tooth do you have?– Oof, I have a really, really bad sweet tooth.– I know all of the desserts.– I used to have a […]

We Tried The Vitamin IV Drip | Experimentalist

We are about to get a spa IV.It kind of looks like Gatorade.It’s does.Is it Gatorade?No…And we’re running!Oh, here it comes.I’m Adrienne and I’m the experimentalist.We’re at Lume Wellness.We have come here to get a spa IV.That didn’t sound great.Hi I’m Adrienne!Hi, I am Suzy. Nice to meet you.If you want to just have a […]

How to Teach Kid’s Nutrition : Nutritional Meals for Kids

Hi, I’m Pam on behalf of Expert Village and today we’re going to talk about eating healthyand physical activity in four and five year olds. I’m going to give you a typical dayat say a daycare center. Daycare centers have to adhere to a very, very high standard whenit comes to food with young children. […]

ABC Juice in Tamil | Multi Vitamin Juice | Apple Beetroot Carrot Juice| Healthy Juice

Subscribe to Amudhas Kitchen.Hit bell button to get notified on my new videos.Greetings. Welcome to Amudhas Kitchen.Today I am going to show you how to make ABC Juice.We can call it as Multi Vitamin Juice as it has lots of vitamin.Please note down the ingredients.Cut apple into pieces like this and add to Mixer.Having apple […]

Drawing Terrible Fast Food Mascots

Julia : Welcome to Drawfee Beans! Where we take your dumb ideas…Jacob : – and make even dumber drawings!-I’m Julia-I’m JacobJulia : Uh… Jacob, today – Jacob : Yes?Julia : We’re doing a suggestion. Jacob : Yes Julia?!Julia : Aaah! Jacob : Yes?!Julia : Uaghhh!Julia: Uh… We’re doing- Jacob : Wake up everyone!Julia : Good […]

3 Fast and Easy Ways to Cook Crab Legs | DIY Cooking Tips to Save Money

– So I’m guessing this is the partwhere you’re gonna force me to eat one.I’m not a huge fan of crab meat.– He hates crabs!– But I think he hasn’t given it a fair try.Dip that in that bowl of butter.– And eat that?(deep pitch noise)(upbeat music)– Hey what’s up everybody?I’m here with Nicole today.My […]