Vitamin IV Drip at Clean Market | What the Wellness | Well+Good

– I have great veins.(upbeat music)Hey guys, oh (beep).(laughing)Hey guys, I am Ella Doveand this is What the Wellness.The show where I run aroundand try out a ton of different wellness experiencesto find out what’s weirdand what’s actually worth it.So today we’re at Clean Market in New York City,a haven for all things wellness.They’ve got […]

THE ART OF DIM SUM – Zongzi (Sticky Rice Dumpling) Recipe / 粽子

Welcome to souped up recipes!A Chinese holiday, Dragon Boat Festival,is coming soon (May 30th).We eat zongzi to celebrate.Another name of this is rice dumplingit’s sticky rice, usually with a filling,and wrapped bamboo leaves.There are many kinds of zongzi.Plain ones you can dip in any sauce you like,sweet fillings for those people who love desert,savory kinds […]

Fast Food Nacho Taste Test

– So what tree does this grow off of?– Tree? Corn!– Oh. That’s (laughs).(bubbly pop music)– My favorite fast food nachos are actually Chipotle.– Chipotle’s gonna have the best.– 7Eleven might pull through.– No.(bubbly pop music)– The tortilla looks fresh.– A lot of these chips are prettysparse in the cheese department. – Not very cheesy– […]

Fast Food Burger Taste Test

Craig: Today, I eat a bunch of burgers.You can’t eat them, sorry.[Wheezy beard intro]This is my b-roll shot of Austin to set up today’s video.Probably should have brought a lens that zoomed in further.That’s better. Oh.Maybe not.There, good b-roll, good setupof an area of Austin we will not be going to today.[knocks]Hey!Mark: Why, hey Craig.Craig: […]

Noodles & Company 🍝 Car Mukbang 🚘 | Vegetarian ASMR | What The Health?! 🥑🍍🍇

was good what’s up YouTube it’s me York hints for your files and I’m here todaywith another mukbang this one is for noodles in Co my idea or my goal orwhatever was to have this be like a vegetarian my bongbut hey put chicken on my salad that I requested on chicken on and it’s […]

The Fast Food Chicken Sandwich Taste Test

– (singing) Chicken time!(upbeat music)– I don’t eat fast food that muchbut if I do I just go all in.– I don’t think that I’m boujisabout my chicken sandwiches though.– Well, this looks disgusting.– It looks like a slice of cheese.– I don’t know what’s up with this whole gloss.– Mmm.This is why people eat […]

Boiled Chicken w/ Hmong Medicinal Herbs (Tshuaj Hmong hau ntsug Qab)

Hmong call these Taab KibTaab kib…. I don’t know, the elders just calls it like thatI’m not sure what Taab kib means…but it is an herb for chickenThis one isThey call it thsuaj tsog lab and thsuaj tsog ntsuabThis one is the red oneSo they say it like thisThe bottom is red like thisJust pick […]

SugarBear Hair Vitamins Review 🍭🐻 THE TRUTH

check out the curly penny Amazon shop for all of my favorite products and merch! link down below in the description boxAren’t you going to eat thoseHey ya’ll, so today I will be reviewing SugarBear. OkaySugarBear hair vitamins. Okay, you see these little blue things. They have taken over the Internet, okay?It’s like a virus […]

RWJBarnabas Health Dietitian Demonstrates: How to Store Fresh Produce

When it comes to storing fresh produce the general rule of thumb is to store it where you buy it.So if you buy something in the refrigerated section that’s where it should go when you get home,and if you buy something out in a bin like apples or potatoesyou want to keep them out of […]

People Guess Fast Food Burger Buns

– I’m so bad at this.(exciting music)– So the options are Jack in the Box, Burger King,Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, and In-N-Out.– I eat fast food, unfortunately all the time.– I love fast food.It definitely did get me through college.– I eat fast food sporadically.– I’m not like a fast food connoisseur.– I think I’ll be […]