Vitamin D Deficiency: Symptoms + How to Fix it | Dr. Olivia Joseph

Hello Periscopers, Dr Olivia Joseph here. And today I want to talk to you about thesunshine vitamin. Lord knows we don’t have very much sunshine in the St. Louisarea in February. This seems to be when we get snow and crummy weather and lotsof cloudy days and this is not about the weather this is […]

VITAMIN A, part 1: Definition and causes of DEFICIENCY (#6)

Vitamin A deficiency is the most important cause of childhood blindness in developingcountries.This condition affects primarily children from Southeast Asia, the Eastern Mediterraneanand Africa.According to some estimates, about 40% of the world’s children can be lacking sufficientamounts of vitamin A and approximately one million children die each year because ofthis deficiency.The expression “vitamin A” refers […]

చర్మ సౌందర్యం రెట్టింపు అవ్వాలంటే ఇవి వాడండి||Is It Safe To Use Vitamin-E For Face And Face Pack


Hello guys,It’s Paul with you today.I haven’t talked to you guys in a while,I’ve been very busy.I have school, work, and stuff like that so today my video is on nutrition.I know you guys are waiting for a video on planche,can’t really film,thunder storm outside which is why my job got canceled.I work for newspapers.So […]

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

(upbeat music)– [Narrator] Did you know we’re facing a health crisis?In the United States 67% of people are over weight or obese.And one in three will develop type two diabetes or cancer.So what can we do to educate the publicand increase health and happiness around the world?– The whole idea that human beings can heal […]

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition: A Global Movement

I’m Samantha McVeigh I’m from EnglandImagine a schoolwhere you can start a new career as a health coach and experience complete mind body andsoul transformation in less than one year.Imagine doing that from the comfort of your home and from anywhere in the world.Imagine learning from the leading experts in the field of health and […]

The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 6): A Fast-Paced Fast Food Life

[ Music ]>>We, in our two-parent working, two hour communing,two job life do not have time for food.With all of our labor saving devices,with the cars and the computers.All of those things have actually reduced our time,not created it.[ Music ]>>One of the truisms for obesityand other chronic diseases is that one of the biggest,most […]

The Importance of Good Nutrition

[Warms up]Count me in!– 3, 2, 1, action!– Hi everybody, it’s Herbie!Welcome to a very special edition of IT, Inspirational Therapy.Because today, we’re here with a world-renowned nutritionist,he has written a lot of articles, and won international awards, hello Françoise!– François.– Francewa?– François.– Franswaze.– François.– Francewozzz.– François.– François.– Hello Herbie.Thank you for having me on […]