Paige Hathaway Cooking With Crosby: Sinless Cinnamon Rolls

What is up YouTube Paige Hathaway here and I have a special guest today….so this is my first cooking collab but I’m here at the very famous privately Tayloro famousno but um his dessert I mean tons of celebrities have tried them and allover the place so I’m very excited to show you guys how […]

Dairy Free Mint Ice Cream (No Machine) | Keto Ice Cream | Vegan Ice Cream

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com. Today’s ice cream recipe is my dairy-free,fresh mint ice cream.One of the really great things about this particular recipe is it does not require a machine, it is dairy-free, egg-free,sugar-free. In short, it is a vegan keto ice cream.And the great thing about this particular ice cream […]

The Monk Secret: Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener

look at my supple face how old am I I’m 116 I know right it’s because I usethe Lakanto Monk fruit sweetener it’s pretty much sugar but it’s not it’s aone-to-one sugar replacement for table sugar and brown sugar but your bodydoesn’t react to it like that’s a sugaryou see when you eat sugar this […]

LAKANTO Sugar-Free Maple Syrup 🥞

Lakanto presentsSugar-freeMaple Flavored syrupSugar-freeKetogenic1 net carbTastyLooks and tastes like real maple syrupMmmmmyummySugar-freeMonk fruit sweetened1 net carbLow calorieLow glycemicVeganMaple flavored syrup

Kickstarter: Low Carb, Sugar-Free Brownie Mix!

hey there we’re Lakanto and we’re revolutionizing the health of the worldby creating innovative sugar-free products we’ve created some chocolatebars we’ve created some pancake mix and maple syrup we want to bring you abrownie mix that’s actually going to be healthy for you and kicks sugar out ofyour life. Because sugar is horrible, it causes […]

NEW! Sugar-Free Blueberry Muffin Mix (Keto, Gluten Free)

– You always knew that these were bad for you. But do you remember the day that you found out that yogurt is filled with sugar? Or when you found out that both of these had over 40 grams of sugar? You might as well eat a cupcake at that point. It’s hard to find […]

Simple Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes | Liv Baking

Gemma: Hi Bold Bakers.I’m here with Olivia Crouppen, my alternative baking expert.She’s got a great chocolate recipe to share with you today.You’re in good hands, so take it away Liv.Liv: One of my all time favorite desserts is a chocolate cupcake.These gluten and sugar free chocolate cupcakes have a double dose of chocolate thanks tomy […]

Beating Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

For the last several years I’ve been doing a therapeutic ketogenic diet whichis very high levels of fat–two and a half cups of fat a day, nine cups of lowglycemic vegetables–and I’ve been using that to treat my terminal malignantbrain cancer because cancer can only ferment glucose so I deprive it ofglucose and give it […]