Which Fast Food Chain Has The Best Hash Browns?

– Uh, I woke up at 4:30 this morning.– I woke up at 4:45.– Because we are on a mission.♫ Ooo, hashtag hashbrown huntdown♫ Hashtag hashbrown huntdown ♫It’s really to find the best fast food hash-browns.– The patties.– Potatoes are an amazing thing.– Potatoes are almost as versatile as pigs.– [Both] RubricCrispiness.– Fluffiness.– We brought […]

Fast Food Coffee Taste Test

– I love coffee like I am obsessed with coffee.– On average, I would drink about four to five cups a day.– I’m a true man of Dunkin’ Donutswho is the only winner right here.– Dunkin’ Donuts is my jam, okay?Starbucks tastes like a homeless man’s toe.– Oh, this hot water sure is nice.– Yeah, […]

Kitchen gadget testing – Egglettes

3 Ingredient Sea Salted Chocolate Pretzel Bark | Episode 1211

Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale, today I’m going to show you a fantastic easy treat, perfectfor the holiday season.It’s one of our favorites around here, and actually I Insagrammed about it a while agobecause I had made some and everyone wanted the recipe, which is not really a recipe,but it is my pretzel and sea […]


Hello and welcome to FridgeCam.If you eat food then this is the show for you.Coming up in the fridge today we have a chuckle at food that looks like Donald Trump.We have a mass debate about which is the ultimate American food.But first… we need to cook the food to debate about, so let’s go […]

How to eat an Avocado: Nutrition Benefits, Tips & Preparation

Hi everyone! Today we are going to be learning how to work with the famousavocado fruit, or some people call it the alligator pear. The avocado is highly,highly nutritious and something that you want to include as part of your dailydiet for optimal health. Now some people do sort of fear thatthey’ve heard that it’s […]

Hard Boiled Spit Eggs!

Are you recording?What? Are you recording yet?I think we are.Gotta get this top off.How do ya get it off.Mom?Not working.Well you’re not doing it right.I think you just blow the shell off.I think I know how. Is it working?No.Not yet though.Mama. What? How about we just peel ’em.NO!I’m gonna keep on trying this until it […]

Nutritional Yeast | Spices in the Kitchen | Andrew Weil, M.D.

Nutritional yeast used to be something that health food nuts ate.This is a yeast that’s grown on anutrative medium, primarily for human consumption.As distinct from brewer’s yeast which is a byproduct ofthe brewing industry and doesn’t contain as complete a spectrum of B vitamins.Brewer’s yeast also has a bitter taste, nutritional yeast is much more […]

Fuchsia Dunlop & Sichuan Flavors: Málà (Numbing & Spicy) | Boiled Beef in Fiery Sauce | Serious Eats

(exciting music)– For anyone who doesn’t know,Fuchsia is one of the foremostEnglish language authorities on Chinese cooking.– So, I went to study in Sichuan in 1994,and completely fell in love with the cuisine,and then I ended up becoming the first westernerto train at the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine.They say, “shi zai Zhongguo, wei zai […]


hello , this is Juanzitoday I am going to share with you a new way to make steamed breadvery chewyadd 5g yeast to 200ml milk20g sugarstir to melt themadd an egg to 400g flourthen add the milk to the flouryou can use warm milkit can shorten the time for risingstir it till going clumpy and […]