Wines that are Keto Friendly – Can you really have wine? *FIXED LINK

So I’m really excited about what I have to talk to you about thatI know a lot [of] you guys have been asking about thisBut wine is back on the advance plan which is amazing because even the bible [condones] it so we should be drinking itobviously not inlarge quantities, but enough forFamily and friends […]

My Keto Journey: Reis Hood // Fitoru Family

Hey, how’s it going?My name is Reis Hood, and I have been in Keto for the last 4 years now.And initially it started out as just this thing that I had heard about, a few friendswere recommending it.And I really started to get curious about some of the effects that they were ravingabout.They were getting […]

Drew Manning – Dramatic Weight Gain & Loss – Fit2Fat2Fit

It’s awesome to be sitting across from you and your story blows everybody’smind. Can you share with us a little bit about your background? -Yeah, so mostpeople know me from my fit to fat to fit journey, which is kind of crazy. But,basically, had this idea about seven years ago where I decided to get […]

TOP 5 Keto Diet Mistakes That STOP Results!

Alright, how are ya?It’s Chris Gibson here and today we’re going to talk about the Keto diet and the top 5mistakes people make doing that diet.So, sit my weights down, and let’s get talking about it.Ok, so keto diet, big fad, I call it keto crazy, it’s everywhere, I have friends doingit, I did a […]

Low Carb Vegetables On Keto (AND WHICH ONES TO AVOID)

Hey everybody, it’s Denise, back with Keto With Denise,and today we’re gonna talk about keto and vegetables.What vegetables are good on your keto journey?I get asked this question.Why can’t I eat this veggie versus that veggie?So we’re going to take a look at some of the commonlyconsumed vegetables, those that people really like to enjoy,and […]

Low-Carb Cheat Sheet

So, you’re ready to adapt to a ketogenic diet to lose weight and improve yourhealth. You’ve come to the right place! Making any big lifestyle or diet changescan be challenging, especially at first. There are a lot of new routines to learnand old habits to unlearn. But we’ve seen, over and over again, with the […]

Keto Krate Review & Unboxing | Low Carb Keto Snack Delivery

Alright so let’s dig into the box that I got from KetoKrate. Good friends over theresent this to me and I’m going to give you a product review of the box that I got. Let’stake a look inside here. So they do have a little contest that if you snap a photo ofthis box when […]


hey guys welcome to my channel and welcome today 21 of my 30 days keto dietsummer transformation challenge it’s almost 2 o’clock I’m ready to break myfast and make myself some quick lunch as I am really busy today what Caseydoesn’t really care that I am busy if he just wants to play I’m heating […]

Jimmy Moore talks about being BANNED from YouTube!

hey there I’m gonna talk to Jimmy Moore today about his recent YouTube troublesas well as some other things right after this hey guys welcome to high fat highfun my name is Aaron this is the channelwhere you can watch a weird dad work his way through the ketogenic diet I do someketo eating vlogs […]

Lazy Keto I Weight Loss Vlog 2019

good morning YouTube family so we are about to start meditating it was likethundering lightning and all this stuff early this morning I was like okaywhat’s going on like it hadn’t been like that in a long timebut I mean I guess um God just cleaned everything out like he wanted to and nowit’s like […]