Stop Calling Keto a Sugar Free Diet – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat editionI’m Violet and I’m Pat and we make these videos to help people tounderstand the information that’s floating on the internet about ketoabout low-carb and basically about living your life in a much more healthyway so Patrick brings interesting articlespodcasts videos what […]

Keto 101 – Utilizing Ketones

(lively electronic music)– A lot of people, basically, in the nutrition industryreally down ketogenic dieting.And they say it’s bad for human performance.Dr. Lowery and I were one of the first peopleto actually study the impact of ketogenic dietingon strength, on power, and on muscle mass.So we would go to conferences that people would say,“It’s impossible […]

Top KETO Items To Buy on AMAZON | Best Prices on Keto Favorites | KETO on a BUDGET

Hey friends were gonna freedom in a budget I’m Kelly and it is time to talkabout some key dough products on Amazon as you guys know I am a shopper thatlikes to find it the best deals and I’ve really done a lot of research andshopping around and figuring out is it cheaper at Odie’s […]

Is Milk the BEST Source of Calcium, CBC Trickery – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

so I was clicking around the internet the other day and I noticed another CBCvideo this time the video was about milk and I was just laughing at the extentthat they would go to create a controversy where there isn’t one helloeveryone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m apsychologist […]

Can I Have Dairy on Keto ? | Hemp Milk | Cashew Milk

Welcome to another video in the KNOWLEDGE series from Your Keto’s video is about dairy and keto diet.Questions answered in the video are.Is Dairy allowed on Keto? if yes, then how much andin what form?Also, In the description of this video, I have a free keto recipe book for you.It’s yours to keep!If you […]

A dietitian explains the pros and cons of coconut and MCT oil | You Versus Food

♪ Co, co, coconut ♪♪ Co, co, coconut, hey ♪(smooth music)hi, I’m Tracy Lockwood Beckerman,a registered dietitian in New York City,and it’s my job to help you figure outwhat to eat and why.We’ve got a controversial topic on You Vs. Food today,Coconut oil and MCT oil,hot topic from the tropics.You might have heard the buzz […]

How To LOSE 12 Kg (26.45 lbs) | Weight Loss Story & Tips || subtitles 🇬🇧en 🇨🇵fr 🇮🇩id

Hello guys! I’m Dewi. Welcome to my channel. Please click on subscribe andthe Bell for more videos on this channel. In this video, I’ll talk about my weightloss journey.Before that, kindly pay attention to disclaimers as follows.One, go visit your doctor or nutritionist before starting any diet program.Two, I’m not a doctor nor a nutritionist. […]

Going Carnivore? What about Vitamin C (Surprise Ending)

These Are the Top Reasons People Quit Keto – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

it’s really hard for me to watch people trying to improve their health and runinto information about Keto that’s inaccurate and end up quitting Ketobefore they were able to attain the type of positives that they could have hadthey’d just been given the correct information today I want to talk aboutwhat’s frustrating about some of […]

Why I’m Happy I failed at the Keto Diet (Surprising Answer!)

Hey, everybody, out there.Coach Dale Long here with the Over 40 Protocol.And can you see?That is the love of my life.OK, I, today– I want to thank you firstfor stopping on this feed.And I got to tell you, OK, I will do anything I canin my life to protect, not only my wife, but my […]