23 Years in the Zone: Journalist and Author Gary Taubes Interviews Dr. Barry Sears

okay I’m Gary Taubes I’m a co-founder the nutrition science initiative I’m youknow a longtime investigative journalist and author and I’m also a contributor toCrossFit health and I’m here with Barry Sears author of the zone the dietphilosophy that CrossFit recommends and CrossFit labs creative of CrossFit labsand we’re gonna talk maybe argue a little […]


hey guys Suz here welcome back to another what’s for dinner on keto easyketo meal ideas and keto recipes give you a little inspiration if you’re living aketo lifestyle following a keto diet we like to just take some recipes coverthem adapt them check them out every single week we do this on Sundays ifyou’re […]

Best formula and dosage of no-carb electrolytes to take at night

Anonymous says, “Which brand and dosage of no-carb electrolytes would you take at nightto optimize sleep, especially after sauna use?”I would drink a bottle of Gerolsteiner, and I would add to it 100 milligrams ofany kind of magnesium: citrate, glycinate, malate, those three are fine.And I would add to it 400 milligrams of potassium citrate, […]

Keto Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

– Today on Low Carb with Jennifer,I’m going to show you how to makethis delicious and easy keto cheeseburger soup.So hey guys, I’m Jennifer Banz,and I help home cooks make keto mealsthe whole family will love.Today we’re making this cheeseburger soup,and it is super simple and so delicious.It’s literally like eating a cheeseburger, I’m not […]

What should people with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency be doing?

What should people with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency be doing not justabout glutathione, but about folate, vitamin K, fatty acids, and neurotransmitters?Philippa says, “At the last AMA, you mentioned that G6PD deficiency would have trouble recyclingother things such as folate and vitamin K. Could you expand on these problems and howto manage them?Also, do you recommend […]

Creamy & Delicious Jalapeño Cilantro Soup (Low Carb/ Keto)

– Hey y’all, welcome back to my kitchen.You know nothing says comfort like an inviting bowl of soup.Jalapeno and cilantro soup.So in this soup we’re gonna have avocado,Roma tomatoes, fresh garlic, cilantro, carrots, jalapenosand red onion.I’m super excited about this soup, so why don’t get started.(salsa music)(“Howling at the Moon” by D Fine Us)♪ I’m […]

Basic Rules of Keto Diet, Let’s Dig Deeper – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet, Pat Chatedition I’m Violet and I’m Pat we make these videos to really bring the bestand sometimes the worst of the Internet to your eyes so that you can make betterdecisions about keto low-carb healthy lifestyle and just generally making surethat the good information […]

Is Plant-based Fast Food Healthy? Registered Dietician Answers! (CWIP #1)

Recently just recently in the news right? So the theThe Whopper now they have the impossible burger versionThere was the thing about kid the KFC chickenSandwich. That was the you know, the the plant-based chicken sandwich. What’s your take on?Like you said this this more more and more it’s being popularized in the culture celebrities […]

What’s the Best Time to Test Blood Ketones? (And How Often)

Okay the bottom line is these blood ketone strips are expensive and we don’twant to be wasting them. There are several times during the day whentesting will give you misleading readings. By the end of this video, you’regoing to know when you should be testing when you shouldn’t be testing and howoften you need to […]