Ridiculous Reasons that Dietitians Believe You Shouldn’t Do Keto – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat editionI’m Violet and I’m Pat I want to welcome all my wellness warriors heretoday as usual we make videos to help people to understand the keto world Iguess all the information that’s floating around out thereso that we can have good information […]

Can I Have Dairy on Keto ? | Hemp Milk | Cashew Milk

Welcome to another video in the KNOWLEDGE series from Your Keto Site.com.Today’s video is about dairy and keto diet.Questions answered in the video are.Is Dairy allowed on Keto? if yes, then how much andin what form?Also, In the description of this video, I have a free keto recipe book for you.It’s yours to keep!If you […]

Keto Sampler Box Testimonial – Great Way to Find Keto Snacks – Bunny James Boxes

Hey Bunny James friends. I just wanted to let you know why I liked the box so much ILiked getting the new snacks there was definitely things in there that I didn’t try before and I was able to try new productsI really like the different types of nuts that came in the box because […]

Keto Strawberry Avocado Smoothie | Praveen Nair | Maahek Nair

hi guys a very warm welcome to Body Pro Coach NutritionI am Maahek Nair and today I’m gonna be doing a keto Avo strawberry shakeso quickly let’s go and see the recipeAlmond milk natural unsweetened1 cup fresh strawberries1/2 cup avocado1 cup iceMCT oilIn a blender first we’re gonna add about half a cup of almond […]

A dietitian explains the pros and cons of coconut and MCT oil | You Versus Food

♪ Co, co, coconut ♪♪ Co, co, coconut, hey ♪(smooth music)hi, I’m Tracy Lockwood Beckerman,a registered dietitian in New York City,and it’s my job to help you figure outwhat to eat and why.We’ve got a controversial topic on You Vs. Food today,Coconut oil and MCT oil,hot topic from the tropics.You might have heard the buzz […]

Bovine colostrum for those with dairy sensitivities, and what to do about food sensitivities

Carol Matts says, “Bovine colostrum from New Zealand cows.Yea or nay for those with dairy sensitivities?If nay, what would you recommend instead?”Carol, what is your goal?If you want to make this more specific in the chat, write a little about what you’retaking it for.So, I don’t know.I mean, I would say it’s suspect if you […]


Hello everyone,welcome back to my kitchenI’m Yalda and today I’m going to show youa recipe that’s gonna change your lifeYou will never ever guess again how to boil an eggIt’s seems simple, but thisrecipe is absolutely fail proofYou’re not gonna get any morehow long do you leave the eggs in the waterDo you put them […]

Going Carnivore? What about Vitamin C (Surprise Ending)

An unconventional Registered Dietitian | My Career Change

Hey guys, my name is Amy Jane and welcome back to my channel.Last week I shared my faith story, and in today’s video, I wanted to share a littlebit about my background and career in nutrition and why I don’t recommend most conventionalwisdom anymore.As a child I ate the standard American diet with lots of […]

Mom tries Pickle Bun Sandwiches – What’s the Dill? | Food 101 | Well Done

– Pickle bun sandwiches.What’s the big dill?Get it?I’m sorry y’all, this is a trendthat I just can’t get behind.I’ve already addressed this before in the keto diet video,and I think these are the result of those diets,the paleo diet, the low carb diet.But the thing is, you build these elaborate sandwichesthat look really cool for […]