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How McDonald’s Japan Only Fast Food Menu is Insanely Unique!

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A dietitian’s healthy sushi order | You Versus Food | Well+Good

– What did sushi A say to sushi B?Wasabi.(upbeat music)Hi, I’m Tracy Lockwood Beckerman.I’m a registered dietitian in New York Cityand it’s my job to help you figure outwhat to eat and why.When the craving for sushi hitsyou wanna feel confident you’re makingnutritious and delicious choices.Today I’m sharing my picksfor how to hack together your […]

菜の花のおひたし Boiled and seasoned canola flower recipe

Rinse the 1 bunch canola flower, and blanch. Then soak in water, and drain in a colander.Squeeze out excess water from them, and cut into easy-to-eat pieces.Grind the sesame seeds,…and add the sugar and soy sauce.Then add the prepared canola flower, and mix all. It’s done.

Ultimate TOKYO RAMEN Tour! RAMEN EXPERT Reveals the Best Noodle Spots in Town!

So we’ve got everything required here we’ve got noodles we’ve got broth I will show you what you need to be okHere we go this slurp off [Slurping Sound] Mmm…Tokyo Japan a stunning stimulating and seductive city modern maybe evenFuturistic packed with people yet eerily quietEach block of the city is stacked withRestaurants and winding […]

Japanese Fast Food: Gyudon 牛丼

Japanese Street Food Tour in Osaka, Japan – DEADLY PUFFERFISH Sashimi (FUGU) + Noodle Tour of Osaka!

Sushi Omakase in Bangkok – TUNA BELLY Japanese Food at Umi Gaysorn in Thailand!

– Hey everyone, I hope you’re having an amazing day.It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Bangkok, Thailandand I think Bangkok is one of the best citiesoutside of Japan for Japanese food.And so today for lunch,I was invited to a restaurant called Umi,which is one of the best Omakase Japanese sushi restaurantsknown for very seasonal fish and […]

Trying Japan Wendy’s First Kitchen Japan Only Menu | Japanese Fast Food

In this video I want to show you guys at the japan-only Wendy’s menuAll right full disclosureI am a McDonald’s fanBut I had to do this video for you guys because any of you guys are coming to Japan you might want to check outA Wendy’s what you’ll find when coming in Japan is that […]