Grilled Mackerel Sushi with Teriyaki Sauce – Morgane Recipes

I wanted to eat grilled fish sushi with teriyaki sauceand subtly flavored with shiso and wasabi.Here is the recipe.Start by cooking sushi rice.Take 300g of sushi rice and wash it 3 times.Cook with 30cl of water.Meanwhile prepare the Teriyaki sauce.Put in a saucepan: 10cl of soy sauce,10cl of sake for cooking,To have a little sour […]

I Tried American Vs. Japanese Wendy’s

How to make Soft boiled egg♪(Onsen Tamago)

Soft boiled egg♪(Onsen Tamago)Ingredients(for 4 people) 4 eggs some spring onion 2 tbsp of Mirin 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce 1/4 tsp of salt 100ml of Bonito and kombu dashi stockPour 1000ml of water into an earthenware pot and heat it.You can use normal pot instead of an earthenware pot.Once it boils, turn off the […]

10 Weirdest Fast Food Items Sold Around the World!

– You know, if you’re anything like me,you like to get a little crazy when you’re at afast food restaurant.You know, like putting some fries in your shake,or maybe even some McNuggets in your burger, oh man.But those are nothing compared to what’s actuallyon the menu in some places worldwide.Here are the 10 weirdest fast […]

半熟味玉子♪ Seasoned Soft-Boiled Eggs♪

How To Make Vitamin C Pills with Herbs!

Vitamin C is commonly used as a supplement to support immune system health.However, while supplementation is sometimes necessary, it’s almost always better toget our nutrients from whole food sources.This recipe is about making your own whole food Vitamin C Pills from herbs.These little pills are not only high in Vitamin C but also high in […]

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