Food Fight: Milk Tea in the Philippines

Jomerr: Why is milk tea called milk tea? 2 00:00:01,900 –>00:00:03,00 0 Julz: My God!Julz: Milk tea because it’s for women, milk tea. (pun milk + ate or elderly sister)Julz: If it’s for men, milkya. (pun milk+ kuya or elderly brother)Today in Food Fight we’re gonna pick the best milk tea.Jai: Oooooooooh! I love milk […]

BRÓCOLI ? Propiedades, Beneficios y Cómo consumirlo ?

Hello all Blog del Runner fans.In today’s video we are going to talk about Broccoli, a vegetable that is a real SUPER- FOOD.Many people consider it the vegetable par excellence,o it should not be missing in our diet.Broccoli is a biennial plant that belongs to the group of CRUFFER vegetables,being related to cabbage, rocket, cauliflower, […]

Curtis Stone’s asparagus, snow pea & wombok salad

Whether you’re hosting Christmas or heading to a party,one thing I know is you needa lot of great salad ideas up your sleeve.Here’s one thing everyone will love –it’s my Asparagus, Snow Pea & Wombok Salad.It’s an Asian-inspired take on the classic vegie slaw.So it’s got freshness, it’s got crunch,and it’s a got a dressing […]

Which Fast Food Chain Has The Best Hash Browns?

– Uh, I woke up at 4:30 this morning.– I woke up at 4:45.– Because we are on a mission.♫ Ooo, hashtag hashbrown huntdown♫ Hashtag hashbrown huntdown ♫It’s really to find the best fast food hash-browns.– The patties.– Potatoes are an amazing thing.– Potatoes are almost as versatile as pigs.– [Both] RubricCrispiness.– Fluffiness.– We brought […]

Vitamin K: Biochemistry/Pharmacology

Hey guys, in this video, we will see vitamin K.So, let’s start.It is a fat-soluble vitamin.There are three types of vitamin K.K1, also called phylloquinone and phytonadione is synthesised by plants.Vitamin K2 is also called menaquinone and it is synthesized by bacteria.Commensal bacteria in our intestine also synthesize vitamin K2.K3 is called menadione.It’s a synthetic […]

Amy and Tammy Drink Up to Twelve Sodas a Day | 1000-lb Sisters

DIETICIAN: Do you drink water during the day?– No. – No water at all?OK. All right.And then what are you drinking during the day? Sodies? OK.And how much do you think you drink a day? [MUSIC PLAYING]Eight to 12 cans?Mm-hmm.DIETITIAN: OK.And it’s regular soda? It’s diet?OK.Our mom told us when we were younger, if we […]

Fast Food Coffee Taste Test

– I love coffee like I am obsessed with coffee.– On average, I would drink about four to five cups a day.– I’m a true man of Dunkin’ Donutswho is the only winner right here.– Dunkin’ Donuts is my jam, okay?Starbucks tastes like a homeless man’s toe.– Oh, this hot water sure is nice.– Yeah, […]


Nussa: hmm.. Abdul: uwoo..Abdul: okay..Nussa: hah?Abdul: okay okay..Abdul: hah?Abdul: Nussa! look..Nussa Abdul: wahhh..Abdul: the bird’s eggs have hatched.. (laughing)Nussa: hah? Abdul!Abdul: hoo..Nussa: stay quiet please… ssst..Abdul: hihihi, sorry..Nussa: now everything is done..Nussa Abdul: alhamdulillah..Nussa: now our task is done.. Abdul: hee ehh..Nussa: now, go and check on the sundial, Dul..Abdul: okay, don’t forget to borrow […]

Vitamin D is a hot topic! Why? Interview with Todd Whitthorne

This is Neily on Nutrition I’m here with Todd Whithorne with the Copper Aerobics Center.We’re talking about Vitamin D this beautiful Texas day here, not too hot.Plenty of sun.So tell me a little bit about Vitamin D. SO obviously Jennifer, as you know, it’s a veryhot topic in the world of nutrition right now.Yes it […]

Does Peach Mango Zipfizz Impact My Blood Sugar?

mmm it’s so good it’s so refreshing I’m very surprised by this wrong I’m Saraotherwise known as Sara says hi and today I am doing another blood testresults on Zipfizz. I’m trying to decide if Zipfizz is really a healthy energydrink mix that it’s advertised for bottom line isn’t really keto friendly Idid a previous […]