Fat Fueled Mornings: Breakfast the Keto Way

Hey there, keto fam.I’m Heather.This is What’s Up Wednesday.Welcome!Today, over on the blog, it’s recipe day.This is the favorite day for a lot of you, looking to incorporate more keto ideas yourdiet, into your lifestye.And today I really went basic because I didn’t want to overwhelm you and I want to give yousome really easy […]

Diet Doctor Podcast #26 — Ignacio Cuaranta, MD

Welcome back to the Diet Doctor podcast with Dr. Bret Scher.Today my guest is Dr. Ignacio Cuaranta, he’s a psychiatrist from Argentinawho is sort of leading the field along with Dr. Georgia Edeand a few just very select psychiatristswho are using low-carb ketogenic nutrition and overall lifestyle interventionsto help their patients with mental disorders and […]

5 Day Water Fast + Ketosis | UNBELIEVEABLE Benefits of Fasting SB110

[Music] what day is it so it is Thursday night and I am about to start a five day water fast and I’ve already had dinner and I guess technically I’ve already started but who knows I might sneak in a cheeky little dessert and then wherever time I start tonight probably 9 p.m. or […]

TOP 5 Keto Diet Mistakes That STOP Results!

Alright, how are ya?It’s Chris Gibson here and today we’re going to talk about the Keto diet and the top 5mistakes people make doing that diet.So, sit my weights down, and let’s get talking about it.Ok, so keto diet, big fad, I call it keto crazy, it’s everywhere, I have friends doingit, I did a […]

What’s Healthy Keto? – Part 2

Hi everybody it’s Denise back with Keto with Denise and we’re still talkingKeto basics in the last video I talked about what ski dome was the differencein all the buzz about Keto today I want to talk about you know a little bit moreand we talked about healthy Keto and this is the difference maker […]

What is intermittent fasting?

Three of the most influential human beings in the history of the worldall agreed on one thing…This is the most powerful, natural healing solution ever.One that’s been used by all cultures all over the worldand one that’s virtually forgotten today.What am I talking about?Fasting.What is fasting? I can feel your eyes rolling in your head […]

Ketogenic Diet Vlog | Kevin Kreider

hey guys Kevin Kreider more than just muscle in this video it’s gonna bepretty raw I’m gonna just do a vlog about the ketogenic diet that I’ve beendoing it I called it the Kevin’s keto journey there was sixty days and I’mgonna share with you my experience but first my first carb filled meal in […]

Keto Meal Prep Made Easy – Our Keto Pantry Staples – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet Pat chatedition I’m Violet and I’m Pat we bring you guys the articles that Patrick findsonline that we find either interesting because they’re educationalinteresting because they’re what we call that ridiculous or interesting becausesometimes there might be a little funny and as usual I […]


hey guys what’s going on part of me I’m chewing some gum I don’tcare how many videos I do on this topic people always have an answer for it andhoney I’m gonna tell you something if you think that working out is goingto help you lose weight you’re wrong I used to work out seven […]

Omad And Low Carb – Fasting Weight Loss (Day 321)

hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and today is day 321 one of myfasting weight loss journey today’s title is Omad and low carb fasting weight lossokay so yesterday I did one meal a day and I’m gonna tell you to toconor mcgregor quotes i’m gonna tell you my Fitbit stats on which also includesmy […]