Singhara Aloo Mix | Boiled #SingharaRecipe I Navratri Special Recipe | #VratRecipe | Navratri Fast

Hello Friends !! Welcome to Ashu’s Home Kitchen Today I will make recipe for Fast …Singhara Aloo Mix … (Water chestnut & Potato Mix)Ingredients …1 cup boiled Singhara (Water Chestnut boiled in cooker till 1 whistle)1 cup boiled potato (cub shape cut) … 1 tsp black pepper (crushed) & coriander leaves for garnishing …1 tsp […]

Ultimate Vegetable Curry | Chetna Makan | #MyFoodMemories | AD

Hi I’m Chetna, I love making Indian food and today with Hotpoint I’m goingto show you the ultimate Veg Curry this is inspired by chole which comesfrom Punjab the north of India and it’s packed full of spices, ginger, garliccoriander, chili with lots of fresh vegetables. My mum who still lives inIndia makes this very […]

How to Make Indian Stuffed Sandwiches : How to Make a Boiled Chicken Sandwich

Hi. I’m Noopur on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, I’m going to tell you how tomake smoked chicken sandwich. First we take some raw chicken. Now I have boiled this chicken,so as you can see, nothing has been added to this. Then I got to chop these into finepiecesand then we take a […]

Bread Ragdo Popular Gujarati Fast Food | Indian Food Taste Test Episode-14 with Nikunj Vasoya

hello friends welcome to the another episode of Indian food taste test. I am nikunj I am going to taste a very unique and different style of Guajarati fast food knownas a bread ragda. it is made from lentils and bread. it is very much like a soup butit’s not a soup. it is […]

Tray-Baked Chicken with Spiced Indian Potatoes | Jamie Oliver

Hi guys hope you’re well! We’re going to make the most beautiful tray baked chicken withIndian spices and veges. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It feels naughty but it’s really really healthy.It’s 3 of your 5 fruit and veg a day. It’s really affordable and it’s a great dish youcan get in 1 tray, whack in the […]

Making Indian Sweets From Scratch at Raja Sweets — Cooking in America

(upbeat, jazzy music)– So, we’re going to Raja Sweets in the heartof the Mahatma Gandhi District here in Houston,but, before that,we’re gonna go check out this super cool spot.It’s a mandir, the first one in the country.Thirty-three thousand pieces that was first assembledin India and then kind of built like a Lego set rightin the […]

Pav Bhaji | Mumbai Street Food Recipe | పావ్ బాజీ | Fast Food | How To Make Pav Bhaji In Telugu

In Mumbai, every road is famous for delicious street food.You will remember it’s taste.Mumbai special ‘Pav Bhaji’ along with the Butter.So, now we will make Mumbai Pav Bhaji.Firstly take pan, add 2 tsp butter and heat it.Instead of butter you can also use oil.But with butter it tastes better.In fact, it is made in a […]

Vrat Jeera Aloo | जीरा आलू | Stir Fry Boiled Potatoes With Cumin | (Sudha Rani Gupta)

Palak Soup Recipes

Namaskar Welcome to nishamdhulika.comToday we will prepare nutritious Palak Soup which is high in iron.Ingredients required :Palak (spinach) – 250 gramswhose leaves have been cleaned, washed twice with water and dried in a strainer before hand.Tomatoes – 2Ginger – 1/2 inch long pieceCoriander leaves – 1 tbsp (chopped)Cream – 2 tbspButter – 1 or 2 […]

Jeera Aloo Recipe – Stir Fry Boiled Aloo with Zeera –

namaskar welcome to nishamadhulika.comtoday we will prepare jeera potatoes which can be prepared instantly.let’s see what all ingerdients are required for making jeera aloo.potatoe s- 400 grams (boiled and peeled)oil – 2-3 tbspgreen coriander – 2-3 tbsp (finely chopped)red chilly – 1/4 tspturmeric powder – 1/4 tspmango powder – 1/2 tspcumin seeds – 1 tspginger […]