Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m going to be sharing with you somehacks for sick kids. I’ve made a video like this in the past and you guys liked it somuch that I’m back again with another ten hacks. In today’s video, they are going tobe hacks that focus on […]

Vitamin C | Ask the ND with Dr. Jeremy Wolf

Hello everyone. Welcome back to another edition of Ask The ND. I’m Dr. Jeremy Wolf. Upon itsdiscovery in the 1930s, vitamin C has been one of the most talked about and researchedvitamins. However, vitamin C benefits dates back to the early days of global exploration,when sailors often times died from a preventable disease known as […]

Vitamin D Deficiency Causes and Cures

The item ND deficiency causes and queue wars take eight pills and call me in a monththe Dr. gave me a prescription for 50,000 I use of vitamin D to be taken twice a week followedby testing again in a month a lonely experiencing very minimal improvementthe Dr. continued this regimen for another month by […]

Darin Olien: Proper Nutrition And The Wim Hof Method For Optimal Health

So, I’m Darin Olien.I’m a nutritionist, superfood hunter, and author.I really understand the importance of oxygen to the system.Oxygen is an unsung hero.In the vitality of a body!And it’s been studied for over 200 years.If you can positively influenceThe body’s ability to receive oxygenYou single-handedly positively influence every system of the body.You naturally then change […]

Vitamin D and Prostate Cancer | Helpline Questions

Hi, I’m Dr. Scholz.The subject of vitamin D comes up frequently when talking about prostate cancer. Why isthat? Well, probably because men with prostate cancer are often treated with hormonal therapywhich causes accelerated calcium loss from the bones and that needs to be counteracted.Adequate vitamin D levels help improve the absorption of calcium from the […]

Vitamin D3 at 5,000 IU Improves Immune Function and Bone Health Says Dr. Angela Agrios, ND

Vitamin D is just a rock star. We should all really be taking vitamin D supplements. VitaminD comes in little capsules and gel caps, and now we have emulsified drops (Genestra D-Mulsion1000). Emulsified Vitamin D is great because a lot of people have issues absorbing fats,and so this would go for any fat-soluble nutrient, if […]

An Herbalist’s Immunity Broth Recipe | Plant-Based | Well+Good

– Hi, I’m Rachelle Robinett,your herbalist and holistic health practitioner,and the host of “Plant-Based.”Today, we are coming to youfrom Supernatural Cafe in Brooklyn.(gentle music)Broth started as a way for peopleto be able to use all parts of an animal.So, after we had our choice cuts,the rest could go into a big pot,and just boil and […]

Vitamin E Is An Important Antioxidant That Prevents Aging and Degeneration

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is an antioxidant that protects our cell membranesfrom degeneration and aging. Vitamin E supports oxygenation of our body by maintaining thehealth of our red blood cells and cardiovascular tissues. It keeps our immune function strongby protecting our white blood cells. Vitamin E is also very important to the […]

Bovine colostrum for those with dairy sensitivities, and what to do about food sensitivities

Carol Matts says, “Bovine colostrum from New Zealand cows.Yea or nay for those with dairy sensitivities?If nay, what would you recommend instead?”Carol, what is your goal?If you want to make this more specific in the chat, write a little about what you’retaking it for.So, I don’t know.I mean, I would say it’s suspect if you […]

Mum gets death threats and is accused of ‘child abuse’ over breastfeeding method – The News

 A mum-of-two has received death threats and been accused of ‘child abuse’ over her breastfeeding method Melissa Ostroth feeds her daughters Emilia, four, and Wrenly, two, on demand and up to 10 times a day And she will let her children decide when they want to stop breastfeeding.  The 34-year-old, from Toledo in Ohio, has sworn by […]