The Ultimate Steak Sandwich – Gordon Ramsay

this is the ultimate steak sandwich you want the rolls-royce of beef there has to be Philip now season it beautifully I like to open up the top of the pepper mill to increase the size of the pepper and the steak so it gives that bit of heat nice little chunks you just roll […]

Boiled Egg Bhurji II उबले अंडे की भुर्जी II By Chef Satvinder Kaur

Hello Everybody, Welcome to F3 Recipes.My self Satvinder Kaur and to day i am going to tell you a new style of egg, its name if Boiled Egg BhurjiSo, let’s have a look on the ingredients.We require Eggs, which i have boiled and have cut the small pieces of its white portion. & separated its […]

Tips of Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women II महिला के पोषण, स्वस्थ खानपान के नुस्खे II

Welcome to Health Care at Home.Today we’ll talk about Energetic and Beautifying Breakfast for womenWhat should she eat to maintain her energy level and to enhance her beautyIts a very simple formulaGrate an apple along with its skin and grate carrot too, both should be in an equal quantity.But grate them separately and not togetherAfter […]

How to Make Hummus That’s Better Than Store-Bought – Easy Hummus Recipe

We’re Adam and Joanne from and welcome to our kitchen.Today we’re showing you how to make an extra smooth hummus.It’s really easyYou’re gonna start with tahini which is a creamy sesame paste.Just give it a stir and measure out about a quarter of a cup…then add it to a food processor or blender.Next you’ll […]

ChefSteps Nerd Alert: All About Xanthan Gum

[MUSIC PLAYING] CHRIS YOUNG: Xanthan gum has actually become a very, very popular modernist thickener. In fact, find it in many supermarkets now because a lot of people who do gluten-free bakery use xanthan gum as a thickener to do something that normally is done by the protein gluten. Even though you might not be […]

No-Fail Blondies Recipe – How to Make Blondies from Scratch

We’re Adam and Joanne from and welcome to our kitchen.We’re making blondies today — one of the easiest, tastiest baked goods you can make.We’ll need melted butter, so get that going early. Then heat the oven to 350 degrees and linea square baking dish with foil.Here’s a tip: form the foil on the outside […]

Quick Tip: How To Cut Romaine Lettuce – Natasha’s Kitchen

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, it’s Natasha of and today I’m sharing a quick tip on the proper way to cut Romaine Lettuce. Now my husband worked in Chili’s for several years and he taught me this method. Go figure, there’s a proper way. So first we start by cutting the lettuce in half. […]


Hey folks it is Barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen today we are making some cheesy mashedpotato balls with bacon and chilli and chives my friends. Absolutely shiver me timbers stonkinglygood you are going to love them hit pause on the video now if you want to have a goat making them. They are […]

Top 5 Common Mistakes Made on a Ketogenic Diet (EXPOSED)

Hey guys, thank you for joining me today. I am your keto coach. I wanted to talk toyou about the top five reasons why a your keto diet may not be working. A lot of peopleare contacting me saying, “I’m doing a ketogenic diet and it’s not working and I don’t knowwhy.” So hopefully one […]

Chocolate Sponge with Fresh Ginger – Gordon Ramsay

first off eggs sugar butter and when I say way out of the ingredients it does literally mean way out to the final gram 175 now 175 grams of sugar that’s 350 grams in total cream the butter and the sugar let’s get a delicious light sponge start carefully on slow speed only speed up […]