🔝NUTRITION Vs. MEDICINE | With English Subtitles | Nutrition Guru | Sanjeev Pandey

Namaskar Friends !Once again You are welcome to Health Khjana In today’s episode we will try to understsnd, what is the difference between “Medicine & Nutrition”and how do they work for our body?As we can see in today’s societyMajority of the people are getting dependent on medicines for there well beingThey feel medicines will take […]

ख़तरनाक़ CHEMICALS से बचने के रामबाण उपाय | Chemical Free Body & Lifestyle With Effective Methods |

Welcome to health care at homeIn the previous episode I enlighten you about the chemicals that we all use throughout the dayI promise you that I’ll share some remedies to prevent from this chemical, as we have alternative for everythingLet’s start once again, we wake up and brush our teeth with toothpasteTooth paste contains chemical […]