The TRUTH about Belly Fat – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

once again Jillian Michaels is talking about weight loss explain to us thatthere isn’t really any particular way that we can lose a belly fat and it’sfrustrating because she’s only telling you part of the story hello everyonewelcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellnss with Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist thereason that I make […]

Medical school taught me nothing about nutrition

I graduated medical school knowing almostNothing about nutrition. That’s rightthe number one thing thatDetermines how you feel how you look how long you live how well you live was barely a part of my medical educationnow I would love to tell you that I was an exception that I was a bad student didn’t study […]

Pistachio Nuts for Erectile Dysfunction

Vitamin K-2 and How to AVOID Calcifying Your Arteries

– Hey guys.Okay, we’re back.It’s John Sottery.Today I wanted to present episode number twoof Leading Edge Health.And today we’re gonna talk a little bit about vitamin K-2but I wanted to just give you 30 seconds of background,30 to 60 seconds of background on me before we get started.And I think we have a few people […]

Deadly Nutrition: The REAL Dietary Killers | Dr. Michael Greger

When it comes to nutrition, and especially when it comes to vegan nutrition, we tendto focus on what we’re not getting enough of, and the dire consequences of nutritionaldeficiencies. What about our protein? Iron? Zinc? B12? Omegas? And on and on. And whilethese concerns are important, the truth is, at least in America, it’s not […]

Vitamin B12 Necessary for Arterial Health

VITAMIN K2 – why I take (but don’t necessarily recommend) it!

Vitamin K is a group of structurally similar vitamins required for carboxylation of certainproteins in the human body, thereby activating them.The classic example is activation of proteins in the blood clotting cascade in the liver– vitamin K is used to add a carboxyl group to some of the clotting proteins, hence convertingthem to their active […]