Health Benefits of Almond Butter

Almond Butter Health Benefits.Almond Butter Controls Blood Sugar.Rich in Antioxidants.Weight control.Almond Butter Cures Insomnia.Heart health.These are some of the Amazing Health Benefits of Almond Butter.

Homemade Almond Coconut Granola Bars

Hey everyone, it’s Beth from “Walloping Teaspoon”. Happy New Year!If you’re anything like me, you have a tiny little bit of a holiday-food-and-merrimenthangover, it’s time to reset a little bit. And for me, breakfast is super important soI’m going to show you how to make some really healthy, homemade granola bars that will helpyou get […]

MEAL PREP for SPRING | healthy recipes + PDF guide

– Hey, guys, and welcome back to my channel.You absolutely loved my first meal prep video,so today I am back with another,and this time it’s meal prep for spring.I try to eat seasonally as much as possible,and right now there is so much fresh producein the markets, including asparagus, and cucumbers,and arugula, and spring onions, […]

Easy One Pan Salmon Recipe with Asparagus – 30 Minute Meal


WHOOPS! I mean, 16 hours of fasting, 8 hours of eating

Meal Prep HACKS For Quick & Healthy Meals! MissLizHeart

Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?

Over the last decade, milk has become a bit controversial.Some people say it’s a necessary and nutritious food, vital for healthy bones,but others say it can cause cancer and lead to an early death.So, who’s right?And why are we drinking it anyway?[Intro music]Milk is the basis of every mammal’s diet after birth,when our digestive systems […]

How to Read Food Labels for Healthy Eating : Nutritional Information on Food Labels

Hi. I’m Brenda Thompson, registered dietitian and professional chef. I’m the owner of LifeSkills Nutrition. In conclusion of this segment, I hope that you find reading and understandingof food labels very helpful. It’s important to understand how to read food labels andunderstand nutrition claims when you are trying to be a healthy individual; maybe even […]