What I Eat in a Day: Breakfast and Lunch | Dietitian Meal Ideas at a Drone Race [CC]

A couple of weekends ago I was traveling in New Mexico for a drone race.I thought it would be fun to show you what I ate for breakfast and lunch at the track.For breakfast I had two meal bars I brought from home, cucumbers I brought in a coolerand coffee from the hotel.Since some meal […]

Tips for Successful Meal Prepping to Maintain a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is best achieved bysimply planning meals in advance, thatway healthy food is ready when you’rehungry. Almost any balanced meal you canmake it home will be healthier than atypical fast food option. That said, thereare an increasing number of healthyrestaurants and takeout optionsavailable but it pays to scout them outand ask questions in advance. […]

4 Easy Hummus Recipes + How to Make Hummus | Healthy Snacks | A Sweet Pea Chef

Hey there, Lacey here with A Sweet Pea Chef.And do you love hummus?If you do, I’ve got some great news for you.We’re going to be making four different recipes for hummus.I’m going to show you how to make hummus, it’s going to be really easy, we got so manygreat recipes coming up.So, let’s get started.So, […]

Jhal muri recipe at home—quick, delicious & healthy snack of puffed rice—Kolkata street food

How much of the ingredients do you go through in a day?In an entire day I use 2–3 kg moori……often 3–4 kg of moori…potato almost 2–3 kg…onion 2 kg…tomatoes 1 kg…then coriander leaves nearly 250 grams…green chillies 250 grams…tomato 250–500 grams…then two packets of jhuri bhujia…chanachur two packets…that’s about it…oh, oil about 100 grams—mustard oil…moori […]

3 Ingredient Frozen Yogurt Bites – Mind Over Munch Kickstart 2016

Hi guys and gals! Today I have an easy adorable snack recipe that’s great foryou or the kiddos. Frozen yogurt bites. For this recipe you will need greekor a yogurt of your choice for vegan you could try coconut milk yogurt,strawberries or fruit of your choice,an optional for decadence, deliciousness, and adorableness chocolate chips. Thumbsup […]

5 Easy Healthy Snacks You’ll LOVE | paleo recipes

so the first healthy snack were making are of these plantain chips so of courseyou’re gonna need a plantain and it’s a bit different from a banana they’regreen they’re also harder than a banana so take the peel off and then slice itinto nice thin slices I would say one to two millimeters and I […]

Rainbow Bento Snack Boxes! Colorful Vegan + Vegetarian Recipes Inspiration! – Mind Over Munch!

(upbeat music)– Bentos aren’t chasing rainbows until now.I hope you enjoy these colorful boxesfor your healthy snacking inspiration.First up, the yellow brick road.Turmeric snack bites.I add coconut shreds to a food processorand blend until they get oilyand then add in raw cashews, maple syrup,lemon zest, lemon juice, turmeric, ginger,cinnamon, and salt; blend.Turmeric is a powerful […]


hey everyone and welcome back to my channel if you guys are new don’t forgetto hit that red subscribe button so you see more videos and in today’s video weare making it 10 healthy snacks these ones are so simplethey’re my go-to some of them have an either two or three ingredients so I’llforget to […]

Low Calorie Dessert Ideas | Guilt Free Desserts!

Healthy Processed Food Choices! – Mind Over Munch

Hey munchies! HeheI have done a few videos now sharing unhealthy processed foods or debunkinghealthy ones and I got so many comments saying “okay I get that these are idealchoices but what processed snacks can I have?”So today I am sharing five of my favorite healthier processed snack foods.Of course processed is never ideal. We […]