Easy Effective Diet Plan

We have been offering a 28-day Paleo clean eating diet at The Studio Kitchensince 2013 – delivered right to your door. This is three meals a day for 28 dayswith food that is the perfect mix of prepared and ready to prepare.We have put hundreds of people in the Austin area through this program.With surveys […]

Eating Healthy when your Family Doesn’t | What to do?!

Welcome back to another video guysI’m Krissy if you haven’t seen any of my videos before. I’m a mother of two, a FIFO wifeAnd I am just super passionate about making your life easier when it comes to health and wellnessToday I am answering a question that I get asked quite oftenAnd I think the […]

Top 11 Superfoods For Endurance Athletes | Healthy Foods For A Balanced Diet

– Supporting your triathlon training witha good, balanced diet is essential for your performance.Today, I’m looking gonna be looking at which superfoodscan give you that natural boost.(robotic burst)– Let’s start by addressing the term or word “superfood.”Now, many nutritionists actually shudder at the thoughtof that word, because there is no one singular foodthat can give […]

The Power of Plant-Based Eating | Dr. Joanne Kong | TEDxUniversityOfRichmond

Translator: Hélène Vernet Reviewer: Peter van de VenGood evening.What if I told youthat we can change the world through our food choices?I challenge you in the next 12 minutesto open your minds and your heartsto the power of plant-based eating,and the fact that animal agriculture, the raising of animals for food,has grown to become one […]

3 Healthiest Foods You’re Not Eating | Healthy Food

The top three foods that you’re probably not eating enough of are leafy greens, sea vegetables, and flax seeds. Now, leafy greens are the food that’s most missing from our modern diets, and they’re super healthy and really important. Not only are they are very high in fiber, which most of us aren’t getting enough […]

Fast Food Leads to Breast Growth in Males? | The Doctors

I want you to take a look at this picture what you’re seeing here is a photo of a male chest with one a-cup breast this teen patient received a mastectomy for his unusual breast growth what’s even more shocking doctors are suggesting hormones and fast food may be to blame join us today is […]

Chris Pratt Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Hello Friends, today we will talk about Chris Pratt Workout Routine & Diet Plan. Aren’t we all dying to know how Chris Pratt went from the fat chubby guy in Parksand Recreation to the hot abs guy in Zero Dark Thirty and Guardians of the Galaxy? He has successfully managed to shed those extra layers, […]

Healthy Eating Tips : Healthy Eating & Proteins

Well, OK. We’re back again, and we’re going to talk in about another macro food group,and that is the protein category. Proteins examples would be meat, fish, eggs, vegetablesources like tofu, beans, nuts, seeds, and even protein shakes. And why do we need protein?Well, we’re made of protein. Our skin, hair, muscles, hormones are made […]

First Lady Urges Healthy Diet and Exercise

Mrs. Obama: Well, hello!Children: Hello!Mrs. Obama: It’s good to see everybody. Perfect weather, right?Children: Yes!Mrs. Obama: Thank you so much.I am thrilled to have you all here today at the White House.And I also want to thank a few people before we start,not just the young people here who also —some of you brought your […]

John Cena Complete Workout and Diet Plan

Hello Friends, today we will talk about John Cena Workout Routine & Diet Plan.John Cena the 10 times WWE champion and 2 time World heavyweight champion who got hisfirst weightlifting bench as a Christmas present when he was only 12 years old.His height is 6’1” and now weighs 240 lbs.He made his debut in 2001 […]