Dwayne Johnson Eats Cheat Meals Late at Night and Alone Like a Troll

-You look great, buddy. Everything going well?-Everything’s great, yeah.-Since you last were on the show,you had another little baby.-I did, yeah. Baby Tiana. Thank you very much.[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪Thank you. So cute. -Look at this.Oh, my gosh. She’s so cute! -Oh, my God.-How old is she now?-Well, right now, she’s 16 months […]


Hey guys Dre Delos Santos here and today I want to show you one of my favorite meals to make, beef stewsimple very easy to make super healthycome here and look at the ingredientsWe have rosemary, thyme, potatoescarrotslittle bit of olive oilgarlic, onions, tomato pastestew meatsome chicken broth, and our seasonings to go along with […]

Welcome To The Great Chow Cooking Channel on YouTube! Feat: Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Hey everybody welcome to the Great Chow cooking channel on YouTube I am JasonI am the creator of this unique, fun, and tasty channel right here on YouTubeI absolute want you to be a part of my cooking community and my cooking channelI would absolutely love it if you subscribe today and got on board […]

Why Macadamia Nuts Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Macadamia nuts are the most expensivenuts in the world.Considered a high-quality dessert nutbecause of its rich, buttery flavor,macadamia nuts are a popular treatand a trendy import in countries like Chinaand the United States.A one pound bag can cost around $25,which is almost twice as much as other nuts, like almonds,and they’ve been breaking price records […]

Keto Diet | FDOE | Korean BBQ in Hawaii | Adidas Minimalist Haul

hey everyone it’s Esther here. I hope you’rehaving a great day! I am about to head tostarbucks. I’m going to go meet my niecefor coffee and probably get some foodthere. So I figured I might as well filma full day of eating for you guys. I’m goingto go there to meet her and then i’m […]