Amateur Baker Attempts To Make French Macarons For FIRST Time | Fake It Til You Bake It

(mixer whirring)(pot clanging)(screams)– I meant to do that,I hope I didn’t scare you guys.(laughing)I’m Laura and I love food.The only problem is,I can’t cook to save my life.It’s gettin’ messy upper here.(screaming)I did that wrong.Ah, (beep)Now this doesn’t make sense.– [Kriss] And I’m pastry chef Kriss Harvey.Cooking and baking is what I do,and I’m damn […]

6 Kitchen Tricks – Food Hacks

6 kitchen tricks/tips/hacks [kitchen remodel] 1: Egg Freshness TestSometimes you’ve got some eggs and you just don’t know whether they’re fresh or not.It’s kind of impossible to look at an egg and know that it’s fresh even though mostgrocery stores these days do print the date on them, just like so, but sometimes thesedates get […]


Hi guys! Today I’ve found a whole box of wax crayons at home!I think it’s time to use them for some awesome useful ideas!For example, to make a pendant with your own hands!If you like jewelry made by yourself, give a thumbs up!Let’s go!First, we need to grate a crayon using a fine grater.I’ll take […]

Omelette Boiled Egg Fry | egg recipe | Sumithra’s Home

Welcome To Sumithra’s HomeOmelette Boiled Egg Curry Heat The Pan Add Two Table Spoons Oil Add Tempering SeedsOnce The Mustard Seeds Starts CrackleAdd Finely Chopped Two Big OnionsAdd Curry LeavesAdd Four Green Chilies ChoppedAdd Salt For Quick Fry Fry The Onions Until It Turns Golden BrownAdd Turmeric PowderAfter One Minute Create Some Space In The […]


everyone and welcome up back at to my channel and welcome to a new video intoday’s video I’m sharing with you 20 different healthy swaps you can make inrecipes and when cooking to make your food healthier if you are new what don’tforget to subscribe and yeah make sure you follow along for lots more […]

Eat Candy in Class?! Food Hacks, DIY School Supplies & Prank Wars!

So many times I told you that food is not allowed here.Oh yes, and detention both of you!Sara and Katie are back, with a mission to sneak lots and lots of candy into class!Enjoy watching their funny adventure but when you return to classes, leave your candiesbehind and opt for something healthy instead!Who doesn’t love […]


hey everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome it to a new video ifyou’re new don’t forget to hit that red subscribe button and follow me onInstagram because I love liking your photos and if you tell me you’re comingfrom this video I will spam you guys it likesplus I just like talking […]

Farm to Table: Healthy Eating Abroad! | Alison from Millennial Moms

(up-beat piano music) – [Alison] Hi friends, this is Alison up in Iceland. You guys, I want to tell you some of the amazing food they had up here in Iceland, but first, make sure you like Millennial Moms, and give this video a big thumbs up, and let’s get started. Wait, Iceland? Did I […]

Does Aspirin Remove Stains as Well as Bleach? | Tested Hacks | Well Done

– I was blown away when I heard thataspirin could whiten clothes as well as bleach.If this does work,this will be a great way to use that expired aspirinthat’s in your medicine cabinet.I’ve stained two shirts the same waywith items from the kitchen:red wine, Worcestershire sauce, and ketchup.To see if this works,I’m gonna do a […]

Warm Skillet Desserts | S’mores & Apple Crisp

– Hi guys, so there is something that is so comfortingabout warm desserts.And today, I’m gonna show you how to make two of themin a cast iron skillet and serve oven to table.How cool is that?(upbeat music)So the first skillet dessert that I’m gonna makeis a s’mores dip.I am getting so excited about this,because I […]