Шок-контент. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. Первый тру обзор

Optimum Nutrition. One of the top supplement companies around the WorldWhat can we expect from them? Only the best products.And still, we don’t have a full, detailed review of this gainerYou can only find “unboxing-style” videos and comments about the tasteWe were hoping it’s gonna be really greatWhen we decided to fully test itBut the […]

Best Supplement For Weight Gain | Nutrition Expert| Shivam Bidla

Hello guy my name isshivam bidlatoday I am going to tell uabout Gaining supplementlet me show u if u want international supplementlike labrada, serious mass on,etcwho want instant gainingthey can choose indian gainerjust likemuscle blaze is most popular nowdoublexxxl it is good gainerif someone want to usethey can gain 4kg in aa monththere is another […]

The 10,000 Calorie Sumo Wrestler Diet

Okay, let’s go. [LAUGH] My name is Byamba I am four time world sumo champion. Every day I eat lots of healthy food to stay strong. [SOUND]. [LAUGH] [SOUND] [MUSIC] In professional sumo, after the practice we eat rice and you know, like, before I have some fish but the main dish is, like, Chankonabe. […]