Vitamin D Milk

Can I help you?CoffeeThere ain’t no coffee here in Nilhog. It’s the devil’s drink!EggsEEGHand baconAre you crazy, boy?EEGHPOOEEGH(????)Didn’t ya know dat?Here’s some (milk on milk?)Special milkHigh in VitaminEEEGHHere, it’s freeFree?Of course it’s freeWe love tourists here and (???)Try some boyAnd have some of your friends drink some alsoThank youIf you are alright?(scoffs)EEEGHEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

Exotic Egg Taste Test

(singing) Who let these eggs out? Who? Who? Who? Who?Let’s talk about that.♪(theme music)♪– Goooooood Mythical Morning! – For centuries,people have been asking the question, “Which came first?The chicken or the egg?” and my answer to that is,“Well, that’s presumptuous and chicken elite-ous because chickens are not– the only animals that lay eggs.” – That’s […]

We Test New Healthy Vitamin Vapes | Inc.

(coughing vigorously)(upbeat music)– I’m Chris.– And I’m Kevin.– And today we are testing,– [In Unison] Vapeable vitamins!– These disposable vape pens,contain substances that are gonna make us betterand sharper at work.Is that right? – Yeah.So this is a company called Nutriairand they’re trying to capitalize on thewhole vape craze.We’ve got the energy kind, part of […]

Boiled Chilidogs & Cold Beer in South LA: Barfly

Vegeta Is “VEGAN”

I hope you’re ready folks,because s**t’s about to get real!The s**t’s gonna grow legs and do jumping squats!That’s how real this s**t’s about to get!Now give a warm welcome to your prince……mister “Vitamin D” himself……VEGETA!!!Hi.I’m “VEGAN”.Well, well, well…Looks like we got us a bunch of lower-class anime cunts.Good news is I like most cunts, but […]

Food Court Musical – Musicals In Real Life Episode 1

Number of undercover agents: 16The mission: Create a spontaneous musical out of nowhereOur hidden cameras are in placeand the patrons of this food court have no idea of what’s about to take place#Lemonade!##spilt across the counter top##there’s ice and lemons everywhere now##I’ve gotta clean it up ##Can I get a napkin please?##I’m gonna need some […]

Trying The BEST and WORST on the Fast Food Menu!! | Drive Thru Challenge!!

– I have a kind of weird question.What do you think is likethe grossest thing on your menu?(quirky music)– [Both] Hey, guys!– I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie.– And today we are going to be goingto different restaurants and getting the best–– [Both] And the worst–– Thing on the menu.– Make sure to subscribe down belowand […]

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #10

Watching Hugh Grant and hisStuttering pathetic charm is asAppealing to me as closing myScrotum in a DVD case.Are these real or do youMake them up to be especially nasty? Kate Hudson is a dead-eyedTrash bag that smells like low tide. Greg KinnearStars in holy [BLEEP] whoGives a [BLEEP] coming soon.Chris Evans is a stupidBearded sweater […]

Russians try boiled eggs

Shouldn’t we greet the people?Is it a must?.. This is rude.What is this?A stone.Are you sure that this is food?We should eat it, right?Ew, it stinks.It’s me.I don’t know how to eat it.I’ve broken it. Let’s try another one.Let’s try another…Hup! Come on… Hup!Oh, shit…The shell won’t come off.Well, eat it as it is.Somehow I […]