Chocolate Banana High-Protein Mug Cake

Hi Bold Bakers!So I’m assuming a lot of you have showed up for Gemma Eats, now I really hope you enjoyedthis series, we made around five episodes, they really were a lot of fun to make andbe a part of.If you didn’t see them go and check them out, we will be doing more in […]

2-Ingredient Homemade Tortillas! Two Ingredient Takeover Mind Over Munch

Hi there and welcome to Mind Over Munchtwo ingredient takeover. Where I make delicious recipes out of two simpleingredients. Today I’m making mytwo ingredients tortillas. The two ingredients areQuinoa flourand water.Start by pouring your flour into a bowl or measuring cup.Then add in your water and an optional pinch of salt.Whisk well to get rid […]

sub 퍼지 브라우니 만들기 Fudgy Brownies recipe

Butter 1 tbs15×15 square fanPaper foilDark chocolate 200gButter 100gPlease melt in hot waterSalt 0.5 tbsCool the chocolate.2 eggsWhite sugar 70g Yellow sugar 70gMix sugar and eggs.Let sugar melt in hot waterMake a bubble richer with a whipperVanilla essenceGravity content 50gCocoa powder 30gBake at 180 ° c for 10 minutes and then 170 ° c for […]

Pistachio shortbread cookies.

Start with your dry ingredients. Then add your butter.Add your chopped pistachios.Lets not forget the egg yolk.Wait a second I’m getting some measuring spoons. Here we are…vanilla essence. Excuse the hand. Mix until the dough starts to come together. You could also use a food processor for the mixing.Keep on mixing.Getting there!The dough has more […]

Ketoza vlog #1 – zakupy i co jemy na keto

Hi, welcome on our channel, todaywith Kinga, we going on shoppingdon’t do this face, viewers will laugh 🙂– from me only – ok from you onlythey laugh from me every daytoday we show youwhat we buy, actuallywe doing shopping for whole weekwe show youwhat we buy roughly, what we place in to trolleyhow we chose […]

Keto Spider Web Eggs: Halloween Party Treats!

6 eggsBoil for 8 minutes4 Black Tea bags4 tbsp Soy SauceLightly crack shellsBoil 30 minutes1 AvocadoSalt and pepperSpider web keto eggsWant more keto?Click subscribeFitoru


Let’s celebrate 400 subs!oh well! I’ll fix it later 🙂I’m topping the cheesecake with an assortment of mini chocolate bars.Twix, Snickers, Milky way, Milky way Midnight, and Hershey’s Kiss.Yum!The cheesecake is Strawberry Swirl with homemade whip cream on top!Please enjoy the soft eating sounds!Which candy is your favorite?Of this bunch, It’s between Twix and Snickers.I’m […]

Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy

>Is a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates helpful like the ketogenicdiet does it work for people who have seizures? is it is it a good thing?>Itdoes work for some. It does work for some people who have seizures. NicholasChildren’s Hospital’s has a keto clinic, so it does work for some people but […]

🥕HEALTHY Big Family One Week MEAL PREP | Cheese🧀Sticks, VEGGIES, Berries, Eggs!

– Well, happy Sunday evening, friends.Travis and I are gonna sit down here in the kitchenand we are gonna do a large family meal prep for the week.We’re doing all kinds of fruits and veggies for snacksand salad and side dishes.Got us some pasture-raised cow,so a couple different roast in the pressure cooker.That’s gonna be […]

Terres et mélanges de terres pour Bonsaï

Hello YouTube, this is Monsieur BonsaiToday we speak about soilsFirst soil for bonsaiAkadamaIt’s a Japanese clay soil , red-orange color,with a hard enough grain that is generally between 2 mm and 1 cm.The basic soil, is found in all garden centers.An easy base that meets many usesIt is used for flowers and plantsThe Keto is […]