Plaisir & Diète – CHEESECAKE (Healthy) – LOW CALORIES

hello and welcome to enjoying and dieting in the same platewe meet today to cook a low calorie cheesecakeis easy enough to do … I will not to say that it’s very simple because as youcan see it here there are a lot of ingredients but it’s pretty simple to dothe ingredients are enough basic […]

Plaisir & Diète – TIRAMISU HEALTHY (protéiné)

hello and welcome to enjoying and dieting on the same plate !! as you could seein the title of the video we end up today to cook a tiramisuprotein and healthy and for that you are going need protein powder, eggs …frankly it’s very easy to do you’ll see it takes 15 to20 minutes plus […]


brownies au beurre de cacahuète 100 g de beurre de cacahuète 2 œufs prendre au batteur à mélanger pendant quelques minutes 250 ml de lait 130 g d’avoine en poudre 40g xylitol ou autre édulcorant 5 grammes de levure chimique pendant 20/25 minutes dans un four préchauffé à 180 ° Soft Delicious Test avec le […]

[GREEN LEAF RESTAURANT] All you can eat |Japanese & Chinese food

Today we are going to try a new place which they called Greenleaf restaurant and theiroffering buffet-style Asian cuisine, Japanese, Korean, Chinese fusion foods later we go insidewe can see what is inside.So, now we are in Greenleaf restaurant and we already ordered our first round.Here is like buffet style you can order unlimited with […]


littlez of shrimp scampi zoodles [Music] hey PCBs in some and today I’m back for our noodle series we’re continuing with our shrimp scampi zoodles in my first noodle series video the pad thai I gave you guys a choose your adventure and for some reason the zoodles the shrimp scampi zoodles got a lot […]