The FDA Nutrition Facts Label – Old vs New FDA Food Labels and Changes

[music] Hi I’m Emily, the Registered Dietitian forRL Food Testing.The New Nutrition Facts Label is here.The FDA has issued their final regulations for the updated Nutrition Label.These are the biggest changes to come to the label since their origin some twenty-fiveyears ago.Now, a lot has changed and I want to walk you through those changes.But […]

Gaining Kitchen Confidence: PROMO

Hi, everyone! My name is Dina D’Alessandro and I am a registered dietitian nutritionist withDishWithDina. I want to welcome and thank you guys for registering andparticipating in our four-week fast-track series, the first program ofwhich is called Gaining Kitchen Confidence. As I mentioned in theintroductory video and in your welcome email there are four objectives […]

Food Labels Explained | US Registered Dietitian Tips | Mexico Bariatric Services

A quick tutorial here I have a few different thingsspinach some cheese chocolate milk and regular 2% milk so I’m gonna start easyto see so the first thing that I always like to do with labels is look at yourserving size right here don’t look at my fingers working in the garden todayanyway so the […]

Salt Shakedown — How to Avoid Hidden Sodium at the Grocery Store

Hi! My name is Arielle Rosenberg and I’m a registered dieticianfor the Clinical Nutrition Department at Johns Hopkins Bayview,and I’ve worked with many cardiac patients throughout my time at Bayview.I wanted to walk to the grocery store with you and help you look at all the foodswith a keen eye to help you figure out […]

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Top 10 Misleading Food Label Claims | Nutrition Labels BUSTED!!!

Nutrition: dietary reference values

Hello, my name is Anja and I am a scientist working atEFSA in the area of nutrition.Today I am going to talk to you about what we doat EFSA with respect to Dietary Reference Values.“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.As this well-known saying suggests, we have long known thatsome foods have health benefits […]

Understanding Food Labels

Hi I’m Candy Cumming, a registered dietician from Sharp Healthcare and today we’re gonnalook at food labels and try to make some sense out of them. So the first thing you want tolook at on the label is serving size because every single piece of information on thatlabel will relate back to the stated serving […]