Giant Pocky / Giant Mikado

– All right, here we go. (dramatic music) Hello everybody, hope you’re doing well. Today we are gonna supersize, make some giant versions of Mikado. You, you, you right now. Actually, in some countries, I’m not sure even have these, but you might refer to them as Pocky. Which I actually prefer that name. But […]

Kitchen Hack Testing 11

(cracks) (yells) (laughing) – Sorry. (triumphant music) I think you might need your step. – Me too. (laughing) – Mrs Barry and I like to delve into the world of food and kitchen hacks, so that you don’t have to. And maybe, and sometimes, we come across some ones that are like, yes. This is […]

Baking my own Birthday Cake (excuse to make my fave cake in the World)

– Aw, baby. Hello. You know what day it is, don’t ya? Come on, I’m waiting. Actually think about it, it doesn’t matter because it’s my birthday today. Yes, today is my birthday. The day this video’s uploaded, it doesn’t matter. My birthday will be long gone. Like another one of those 365 days that […]

Kitchen Gadget Testing #46

(gasping) (upbeat music) (clattering) (banging) (whoosh) – [Barry Lewis] Yeah, I told you Stuart, it’s not healthy to eat a four year old tin of beans. Hi, everyone, hope you’re well. Welcome to Kitchen Gadget Testing 46! That was a seven, Kitchen Gadget Testing 46. How the heck have we done this many, wow! Now, […]

6 Waffle Iron Hacks | Alison from Millennial Moms

(hip instrumental music) (kissing noise) – Hi friends, it’s Alison with Millennial Moms, I post every Friday on food here on this channel, today I’ve got Jared on, my husband. – How’s it going. – Jared what are we going to post on today? – Rockin’ some waffle things. – Whoo! Creative things that you […]

The McChicken Nugget Cake Project

(rustling) (whoosh) – Hello everybody, hope you’re all right. I’m just enjoying my McCoffee, we’ll come onto that in just a minute but today’s video should be Mcinteresting indeed. This is a Barry Tries-video if you missed any other Barry Tries, do have a Barrathon, check out the whole playlist at the end of this […]


(clears throat) – Hello, hello, hello. Hey guys, what is up? How are you doing? Apologies for the noises in the background of this video. Apparently my next door neighbor has decided to like build a time machine inside his apartment or something. (crash) Fireworks. But forget about that. It’s YouTube, we can get away […]

8 Things you didn’t know you could do with cauliflower | Sainsbury’s

8 things you didn’t know you could do with: cauliflowerMacaroni cheeseMmmmPizza base(It’s gluten free)Cauliflower steakBrowniesThe cauliflower makes them extra gooeySmashed herby cauliflowerCauliflower squareTastes like bread, made with vegOh, go on then…Tortilla wrapsYummmChocolate cauliflower cakeThe cauli makes it really moistBosh


are you wondering what to snack on without gaining weight snacking one ofyour biggest kryptonite’s well it certainly is one of mine which is whyI’m gonna share with you three of my favorite snacks and I’m talking reallyreally good snacks you can have guilt free so get excited it’s time to getlaidwelcome back Smarties to […]

The Best Chicken Mozzarella – 5 Ingredients!

– Hey guys, today on Low Carb with Jennifer,we are going to take about, let’s see,one, two, three, four,five ingredients and we’re going to turn it intoa one pot dinner.It’s mozzarella chicken.It’s super easy and you can find the linkto the recipe in the description belowor you can go to JenniferBanz.comand search for mozzarella chicken.(upbeat […]