MyPlate, MyWins: What’s Your Healthy Eating Style?

Eating healthy is important.The foods and drinks you choosefor meals and snacks can help yoube healthier now and in the future.And it’s more than eating one healthy mealor one healthy snack.Your food choices add up,and they all matter.So where to start?First, choose foods from all five food groupsthroughout the day and throughout the week.Fruits, vegetables, […]

Holistic nutrition basics to start eating for health

hello and welcome to the Bowman college wellness programyou’re receiving class 1 Eating for Healththis is the first class infor which will give you the holistic nutrition basicsI’m your presenter ivy hunter a registered nurse and certified nutritionconsultantand I’m working on my board certification in holistic nutritionI was trained with Bauman collegegraduates at the nutrition […]

Healthy Eating Tips : Healthy Eating: Sodium & Potassium

I’d like to talk to you about sodium and potassium. This is a very important aspect of a healthydiet. We have a real problem right now with our modern diet in that it contains far toomuch sodium and not enough potassium. Just the opposite of what our ancestors ate. Andyou might think well I don’t […]

Healthy Eating Tips : Eating Healthy Snacks

Alright, let’s talk a little bit about snacks. I subscribe to the dietary plan of three mealsand two snacks per day. I think that’s important to maintain the blood sugar. You don’t wantto go more than about four or five hours tops without eating otherwise your blood sugaris going to go down. So be very […]

Healthy Eating Tips : Healthy Eating & Vegetables

Well okay let’s talk about another natural food group. And that being the vegetable foodgroup. Remember I suggested three to five servings a day. I would also suggest you shootfor the upper number. Five servings a day. We know from population studies that havethat generous amounts of vegetables and fruits in their diet, they enjoy […]

Did the Food Pyramid Make Us Fat? | Freethink Wrong

– In 1988 Oprah pulled out a red wagon fullof greasy animal fat to show her audiencehow much weight she had lost.It was pretty gross.But it became her highest rated episode ever.Back then fat was the enemy.It was increasingly being seen as the root causebehind America’s steady rise in obesity and diabetes.So when the food […]