Keto Lifestyle I Endomorph On Keto

all right y’all we are now having another adventure of dog walking humanokay yeah up okay let’s go let’s go oh go girl go girl let’s go let’s gooh no we don’t want to get hit let’s run let’s run good morning YouTube family somy mother at our going to a meeting what I told […]

Prep for PEAK WEEK | Grocery Haul & Diet | VLOG | S3 Ep 10

hello everybody welcome to the vlog and happy peak week the video that you’reabout to watch is the week leading up to peak week and there’s a lot of thingsthat I had to do to get ready I’m gonna show you guys a sneak peak of mycompetition bikini which I am so excited about show […]

I Went On A High Fat Diet For A Week To Lose Fat (Ketogenic Diet) – No Sweat: EP7

Oh my god, I couldn’t shit so I took a little enema thing,and I shove it up my ass.It hurts so badly. In today’s episode we’re going to be trying out a diet trend that’s all the rage right now.The high fat ketogenic diet. With the ketogenic diet,you’re actually required to eat large amounts of […]