Fish & Chips with Tartar Sauce – London Fast food Way – Morgane Recipes

When we travel, we often eat on the run,and if you ask me what is the fast food dish to absolutely taste in England,I will respond a good Fish & Chips with a tasty tartar sauce.To prepare the chips, peel 1kg of potatoes.Cut them into big enough pieces.Cook them in boiling water for 10 minutes […]

Checkers-Rally’s / Mukbang #20 / Eat Checker Burgers & Fries with Me / CPA Strength Story—UNDERDOG

yo yo yo CPA strength here strongest CPA in the game with his like I think thismight be buddy xx Mook bong actually I’m not sure 19 or 20 M Saturday morning haI hope you’re having a great Saturday morning right now I hope you having ablessed Saturday morning we’re gonna do we’re doing checkers […]