Vegetarian Pancit Canton

Vanjo Merano of PanlasangPinoy.comToday we’ll cook a perfect dish for Holy Weekit’s a healthy version of pancitit’s called vegetarian pancit cantonhere are the ingredients for this recipedried shitake mushroom“repolyo” or cabbagesnap peascarrots, sliced into stripschopped parsleycelery stalk, choppedoniongarlicpancit cantonaside from these ingredients, we will also use vegetarian oyster sauce, soy sauce, water, cooking oil and […]

Super Tasty Chop Suey

Vanjo Merano of PanlasangPinoy.comLet’s cook vegetablesI’m thinking of a dish composing of various vegetablesI’m sure going to be delicious! It’s called Super Tasty Chop Sueyhere are the ingredients for this recipeboneless chicken breast, slicedchicken livercauliflowersnap peas, you may also use “sitsaro”carrotbellpepper, green and redoniongarlicto make it more flavorful, I’ll use Knorr SavoRich Chicken Liquid Seasoningwe’ll […]

Nilagang Baka Recipe (Tender Boiled Beef Soup) | Filipino Cooking with Chris Urbano

Today, I’m going to prepare a Filipino comfort food that really occupies a special place to the hearts of many Pinoys!Nilagang Baka – an everyday dish that can be found in almost all carinderias (small eatery) in the Philippines which is highly appreciated by every one.Add beef unto the boiling water until becomes tender. Add […]

Pork Binagoongan

welcome to PanlasangPinoywe’ll cook pork with shrimp pastehere are the ingredientspork bellyshrimp pastelong green chili, you can also use banana pepperdried bay leavestomatovinegaroniongarlicwe’ll use salt, ground black pepper, water and cooking oillet’s startpre heat pan with cooking oilthen saute garlic, onion and tomatoonce cooking oil is hot, add garlicadd onionthen tomatocook until tomato is softnow, […]

How To Make Filipino Arroz Caldo As Made By Janna • Tasty

it’s hearty it’s flavorful it literally has everything you could want in comfort food hi my name is Jana and today I’m gonna be showing you how I make my mom’s out of scuttle auto-scale dough is the Filipino rice porridge it basically has a lot of onion and ginger and at the end of […]