Prep for PEAK WEEK | Grocery Haul & Diet | VLOG | S3 Ep 10

hello everybody welcome to the vlog and happy peak week the video that you’reabout to watch is the week leading up to peak week and there’s a lot of thingsthat I had to do to get ready I’m gonna show you guys a sneak peak of mycompetition bikini which I am so excited about show […]

Reese’s protéiné & healthy (PB Cup) – Recette facile & rapide pour Pâques

Hello everybodyfew weeks ago, I taught how to do peanut butteralthough you’ll find the link in the description boxIn that video, I asked you if you would be interrested by a healthy version of Reese’sAs you have been many to respond positively, that’s what we’re going to do todayand i will show you 2 versions […]

First Day Back on a Ketogenic Diet | Full Day of Eating

Hi everyone, it’s Esther here. I hope you’rehaving a great day! It is my first dayback on the ketogenic diet. If you’vebeen watching my recent videos you knowthat I’ve been out of the ketogenic diet.I just tested my blood ketone levels.Out of a ketogenic diet yesterday. And I’mgoing to be checking them periodicallyas i get […]

Lazy Keto Lifestyle I Weight Loss Vlog

Alright y’all, so I just pulled up and I have a meeting so I will be snacking on the oldtrapper old-fashioned beef jerky this is not the ideal beef jerky for keto at ally’all here are the nutrition facts seventy calories zero grams of fat sixgrams of carbs and I’m happy about that at all […]

Full Day of Eating Keto Vlog 01: Keto Eating For TALL people!

I’m gonna do a full day of eating vlog, starting now. Hey guys. How are you?Welcome to A.D. Keto! This is the channel where we talk about all things ketogenicdiet. We talk about keto foods, talk a little bit of keto science, and we do some ketorecipes. If this is your first time here, please […]

Full Day Of Eating Keto Diet I Weight Loss Journey 2019

good morning y’all so today is going to be an interesting day I’m doing afull day of eating keto video and taking you along with me to go workout and plus Igot some other stuff to do y’all today is going to be a busy day I do want to tell y’allabout this new product […]


I guess for now you’ve got the nice in there good morning guysso this morning I’m gonna be making the best coffee in the world so sorry forthis lighting it’s a bit orange right now um about to make the best coffee inthe world it’s a cold brew coffee I’m not really into drinking hot […]

Keto Diet | FDOE | Korean BBQ in Hawaii | Adidas Minimalist Haul

hey everyone it’s Esther here. I hope you’rehaving a great day! I am about to head tostarbucks. I’m going to go meet my niecefor coffee and probably get some foodthere. So I figured I might as well filma full day of eating for you guys. I’m goingto go there to meet her and then i’m […]