Самые лучшие гейнеры топ 10. Топ самых лучших гейнеров

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Самые лучшие гейнеры топ 10. Топ самых лучших гейнеров

Biomolecules (Updated)

Captioning is on! To turn off, click CC button at bottom right!Follow the amoebas on Twitter (@AmoebaSisters) and on Facebook.I want you to think for a moment about your very favorite food. What is it? Pizza? Macaroniand cheese? Chicken Salad? Sushi? Well we all have different food preferences, but foodis a source of large molecules […]

How To Plan Your Race Or Sportive Nutrition With Asker Jeukendrup

– Hello and welcome to a very special edition ofGCN’s How To… with Professor Asker Jeukendrup,who has very kindly agreed to give ussome of more of his time after we did that ask with him.And we got loads of questions from people on how to reallypersonalise their nutrition for their particular problems.Professor Jeukendrup, thank you […]

Алкоголь и рост мышц. Влияние алкоголя на спортивные показатели и набор мышечной массы

Bovine colostrum for those with dairy sensitivities, and what to do about food sensitivities

Carol Matts says, “Bovine colostrum from New Zealand cows.Yea or nay for those with dairy sensitivities?If nay, what would you recommend instead?”Carol, what is your goal?If you want to make this more specific in the chat, write a little about what you’retaking it for.So, I don’t know.I mean, I would say it’s suspect if you […]

How to PREVENT Eating Disorder Relapse in College | Kati Morton the Therapist discusses dietitians

Hey everybody, happy Thursday!And today’s question actually comes from my Patreon account, and if you don’t know what that is, you can click over here and check it out.But someone asked their question after I’d already made my monthly videos and so I told her I would answer it right away on my Thursday one.So […]

Researchers Study Salad Nutrition

Salad vegetables are chock full of important vitamins and nutirents.But according to a Purdue University study you won’t get much benefit without the right type and amount of salad dressing.So, in this study one of the targets for us was basically to look at salad vegetablesas a primary source of carotenoids in the daily diet […]