Hello Health Champions. Today we’re going to talk about the fasting mimicking diet.That is how you can still eat a little bit while still getting most of thebenefits of fasting so we’re gonna talk about what the fasting mimicking diettraditionally is but we’re also gonna try to understand it and see how we canimprove it. […]

Does Coffee and Trace Calories Break Intermittent Fasting?

hey guys Kevin Kreider more than just muscle today is an intermittent fastingQ&A the first question I have is from Danielle doesn’t medium chaintriglycerides break the fast technically on a traditional fast yes especiallyreligious fast in certain ones of water will even break the fast and the thingwith the medium chain triglycerides yes it technically […]

Working Out While Water Fasting – Good Or Bad Idea?

What’s up guys! Carlo Macapinlac here from NewbieFitnessAcademy.com. I help busy professionalslook good shirtless so they can feel more confident and get the most out of their lives.And in this video, I’m gonna answer a very common question I get asked all the time.Can you or should you working out while water fasting? You might […]

Does Fasted Exercise Actually Work? | The GTN Show Ep. 120

– Welcome back to the GTN Show,and you’ll be glad to see, I am at least,that it’s not just me in the set this week.– Yeah, I’m very sorry to have left you last week, Fraser,but you did a fantastic job on your own.If you do follow us on social media,you probably noticed that Heather […]

Does Fasting Slow Your Metabolism?

Hi ladies and gentlemen. I’m Dr. Zyrowski from NuVisionExcel.com and in thisvideo we’re going to discuss whether or not fasting disrupts your metabolism. Yousee many people believe that if you do fasting or any type of fasting what’sgoing to happen is it’s going to decrease your metabolism, decrease yourmetabolic rate, and then from there what’s […]

Premium Health Insider Hack : Intermittent Fasting

Hey guys! Welcome to Premium Health Insider!We work with the top health and wellness experts worldwide to bring you the most effectiveInsider Hacks for your body to give you 80% of the results for only 20% of your effort.Okay, so are you ready for Hack # 1?Intermittent Fasting teaches your body how to burn fat […]

Morning Exercise & Fasting Until Evening?

Hey, what’s up, John Sonmez from simpleprogrammer.com.Today I have a fitness question for you.That’s right.Do some fitness questions on this channel.This question is about morning training and fasting until evening and this is from Krzysztof.He says it’s Polish Chris.I probably could have figured that one out.Question: “I’m wondering if the big gap in time between […]

How-to Succeed in your own Diet: 60 Second Nutritional and Food Advice

What’s going on everyone it’s Kinosha here bringing you 60 seconds on theof nutritional and food advice we’re gonna touch up on three key pointsshopping, making smarter decisions, and diets when it comes to shopping be alittle bit more aware about what you’re buying going through the store with aplan and keep a simple ingredient […]

День из жизни эндоморфа. Чем питается эндоморф на кето (кетогенной) диете?