Dr. Don Brown – What is intermittent fasting?

Hi I’m Dr. Don Brown CEO of LifeOmic. Put simply, intermittent fasting is theperiodic starvation of your cells. Your body consists of roughly thirty trillionor three times 10 to the 13th cells. In some ways you can think of your body asthe crowd at a concert. When viewed from a distance it looks like one […]

Learn How To Pray And Fast For A Breakthrough with Rick Warren

– This week, I saw posted on my Facebook site this note,“Nothing in my life seems to be working right now,“I’m lonely, I’m broke, I’m out of work,“I’m a minority and every door knock on“seems to close before me.“Pastor Rick I feel like I’ve been headed down a blind alley“and I’ve reached a dead-end“in my […]

What Is Fasting?

(upbeat whistling) Fasting just means you go without something for a little while.God wants to have a relationship with you.It’s super important to Him.So let’s focus on God right n-(cell phone ringing)Oh! Your friend wants to talk to you.Oh look, your food is ready. (Microwave beep)You probably want to play that, right? (Game beeps)Focusing on […]

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Fast Food Coffee Taste Test

– I love coffee like I am obsessed with coffee.– On average, I would drink about four to five cups a day.– I’m a true man of Dunkin’ Donutswho is the only winner right here.– Dunkin’ Donuts is my jam, okay?Starbucks tastes like a homeless man’s toe.– Oh, this hot water sure is nice.– Yeah, […]

The 10 Most Disgusting Things Found in Fast Food!

– Have you ever ordered food and been disappointed’cause it wasn’t exactly what you expected?Well, trust me, it could’ve been worse.If you like to eat out at restaurants or fast food joints,you may have experienced a situation or twowhere you ordered wasn’t exactly what was delivered.Oh man, that sucks, huh?But at least you didn’t almost […]

Creamy & Delicious Jalapeño Cilantro Soup (Low Carb/ Keto)

– Hey y’all, welcome back to my kitchen.You know nothing says comfort like an inviting bowl of soup.Jalapeno and cilantro soup.So in this soup we’re gonna have avocado,Roma tomatoes, fresh garlic, cilantro, carrots, jalapenosand red onion.I’m super excited about this soup, so why don’t get started.(salsa music)(“Howling at the Moon” by D Fine Us)♪ I’m […]

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