Food Stylist Vs Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich and Beef ‘n Cheddar | Fast Food Styling Revisited

– Did you know that the Arby’s A isactually supposed to look like an oven mitt?A cowboy hat?I think it’s supposed to be an oven mitt.It’s a cowboy hat?Mother bananas.Well, then, there you go.Arby’s is from the prairie.I’m a food stylist.Consider me a makeup artist for food.I take boring, everyday, average foodand make it look […]

Top 10 Fast Food Items That Are ACTUALLY HEALTHY!

When you think fast food you might think about pizza or a burger and fries.Sometimes you hit the greasy spots to satisfy a naughty craving or to fill your hunger.But do not give up hope in finding a healthy choice just yet, even if we are programmedto just flock towards the golden arches, there are […]

Mr. Fun Provokes the Fast Food World | Funny Pencil Animation

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New Fast Food Chains That Might Not Be Around Much Longer

For decades, industry titans have cornered the fast food market.In recent years, new fast food chains have emerged to break the mold — but they haven’tall hit the mark.Whether it’s because of silly gimmicks or unoriginal concepts, here’s a list of newfast food chains that are doomed to fail.Pie Five Pizza exploded onto the scene […]

Top 10 Untold Truths of Fast Food MASCOTS!!!

Fast food mascots act as bells to Pavlov’s dog with their bright colors and friendlyfaces, triggering mouth-watering cravings. From those that worked well and are stillused today, to those that frankly didn’t make much sense, here are 10 untold truthsabout fast food mascots.Wendy’s Given Name was MelindaThe long-standing mascot for Wendy’s has been a girl […]

10 Shocking Secrets About Fast Food

10 Shocking Secrets About Fast Food10.YOU MIGHT AS WELL DRINK FROM THE TOILETIn 2012, 12-year-old Jasmine Roberts from Florida conducted an experiment as part ofher entry for a regional science fair.She visited five fast food restaurants and ordered cups of ice, which she put in sterilebeakers.She then collected samples of water from the restaurants’ toilets […]

Fast Food | Weird But True!—Fast Facts

10 Weirdest Fast Food Items Sold Around the World!

– You know, if you’re anything like me,you like to get a little crazy when you’re at afast food restaurant.You know, like putting some fries in your shake,or maybe even some McNuggets in your burger, oh man.But those are nothing compared to what’s actuallyon the menu in some places worldwide.Here are the 10 weirdest fast […]