Trying The BEST and WORST on the Fast Food Menu!! | Drive Thru Challenge!!

– I have a kind of weird question.What do you think is likethe grossest thing on your menu?(quirky music)– [Both] Hey, guys!– I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie.– And today we are going to be goingto different restaurants and getting the best–– [Both] And the worst–– Thing on the menu.– Make sure to subscribe down belowand […]

Wha Me Eat Wednesdays ‘Nature’s Fast Food’ 2/8/2017

When you say fast food people think burger But nature can take it little furtherFaster than anything you can cook Follow Macka B take a lookReal fast food what a gwarn ya Look how fast you peel a bananaLook how quick you can peel the mango 3-2-1 goReal fast food check the Berry Don’t have […]

10 EXPENSIVE FAST FOOD Items You’d Be Tempted To Try!!!

Whether it be McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Chipotle, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Wendy’s, or whateverelse you can think of, all of these chains have one thing in common: the food is cheap.If you’re ever in a hurry to get a quick bite to eat, it’s always easiest to stopat a fast food restaurant, because it’s convenient […]

Jollibee OPENS in Manhattan, New York City ! 😱 Trying Filipino Fast Food

Jollibee Fast Food has a cult like following in the PhilippinesThey just opened in Manhattan, NYC(Jollibee song playing)They waited for 20 hours right..The first onesThey were here at noon time the day beforeWe opened at 8 o’clock the day afterWhat’s up guysJon coming to you from New York CityWe’re at the happiest place in the […]

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I Couldn’t Get Job Even At Fast Food So I Opened My Company Instead

Hi guys!I bet all of you have been rejected, maybe you’ve heard something like, “Sorry, butyou’re not good enough.”I know that this can be really discouraging.And I know that a lot of people have felt miserable when hearing “no” as an answer.But I don’t want you to be like them.That’s why I’m telling my story.To […]

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