Organic Sustainable Farming is the Future of Agriculture | The Future of Food

In order for us to live sustainably thestructures that meet our basic needsmust work towards regeneration ratherthan consumption and depletion. We wantedto find what alternatives exist tobuying food at the supermarket which intheir current form encourage destructivefarming practices.I’ve been studying sustainable farmingsystems for over 25 yearsthere are no real issues we can solveall of them. […]

How to Make Caramel (Whey Caramel)

hi friends! Whey is a byproduct of cheese making and if you’re a cheesemaker like I am, you’re constantly finding yourself with too much whey.I’m always looking for recipes to use it up.Well today, I have somethingspecial for you! I’m making caramel and it just might be the creamiest mostdecadent caramel you’ve ever tasted. So […]

Wines that are Keto Friendly – Can you really have wine? *FIXED LINK

So I’m really excited about what I have to talk to you about thatI know a lot [of] you guys have been asking about thisBut wine is back on the advance plan which is amazing because even the bible [condones] it so we should be drinking itobviously not inlarge quantities, but enough forFamily and friends […]

How to Can Cherry Jam

Living on a farm, I admit, I am blessed to have so many different fruits and vegetables at my hand.But that’s also because I create a little bit of too much work for myselfand keep planting all these different things that I want to use.But, to your benefit, I am able to bring you awesome […]

Beating Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

For the last several years I’ve been doing a therapeutic ketogenic diet whichis very high levels of fat–two and a half cups of fat a day, nine cups of lowglycemic vegetables–and I’ve been using that to treat my terminal malignantbrain cancer because cancer can only ferment glucose so I deprive it ofglucose and give it […]